European Wax Center Promotes Healthy Skin for the Summer

European Wax Center offers great waxing services and skin-care products that will help preserve the skin during the hot summer months.

Online PR News – 24-May-2011 – – With summer right around the corner, it is essential to start maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. Along with purchasing sunscreen, getting waxed regularly is healthy too. European Wax Center offers great waxing services and skin-care products that will help preserve the skin during the hot summer months.

During the summer, the harsh climate can dehydrate the skin and leave it dry and itchy. European Wax Center offers natural wax and skin-care products that improve the skin and allows the hair to grow back less quickly. When the hair does grow back, it grows back softer, sparser and the hair eases out less painfully.

Throughout the summer, moisturizing the skin is vital because it restores moisture the sun strips away which causes dull and uneven skin. European Wax Center offers numerous skin-care products that can be used in-between waxes. Products such as, Post Waxing Exfoliate, improves new hair and allows it to grow easier and helps the skin with bumps, ingrown hair and irritation.

“At European Wax Center, we pride ourselves on not only providing natural beeswax, but great skin-care products to maintain healthy skin,” said Mr. Jeff Weisman, Regional Developer of European Wax Center in New Jersey. “Now that the weather is getting more intense, hydrating your skin with our products along with a wax will always leave your skin with a beautiful glow.”

Experienced estheticians, waxing specialist and cosmetologist are trained at European Wax Center to use a new “stripless” wax method to rejuvenate the skin to remain smooth and silky. Some wax services we offer, but aren’t limited to: leg waxing, full body waxing and bikini waxing. With healthy skin-care products, European Wax Center is the premiere place to maintain beautiful and moisturized skin this summer.

About European Wax Center: European Wax Center is a national franchise based in Hallandale, FL and originally developed by siblings Josh and David Coba. With over 187 locations it is one of the fastest-growing chains in the US. European Wax Center offers innovative four-step waxing (cleanse, protect, wax, hydrate) in areas that include the bikini line, under arms, legs, back, eyebrows, stomach and face. Offering a wide range of incentives for clients including refer-a-friend, the Platinum Rewards Program and Unlimited Wax Pass, European Wax Center is committed to delivering exceptional service at an affordable price.

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