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Every prep sports player wants to make his/her school proud. Real high school sports may not be for everyone and not everyone gets the chance to become a star.

Online PR News – 30-May-2011 – – Every prep sports player wants to make his/her school proud. Real high school sports may not be for everyone and not everyone gets the chance to become a star. Among high school kids, playing high school football or high school basketball is a ticket to fame and popularity and a free schooling opportunity. More than anything else, high school sports is for a selected few. Donít fret because you can now shine and be a star in your own right.

How Does This Work?
Join and get into the frenzy of the fantasy league you have yearned for long. Or if you are not of the athletic bone, you can still be a member by being a fan and move your star to the best position in the league. Designed to create a new venue for prep sports to be accessible to everyone, the site is built with the goal of providing a new wholesome online game for the fantasy league enthusiasts.

The System
The system has all the details for players and fans of prep sports to have fun, interact and compete with each other. There are rules though to keep the games unspoiled and everyone happy. Players can choose the school from the systemís list along with the players in the system.

Your Profile
Create a fun-filled and exciting player profile page which will help boost your new status. The player profile includes basic information and donít forget the jersey number.

Make prep sports videos a part of your profile. Make your visitors happy when they click your page. Make your own video and upload instantly. If you donít know how to do this, check out the Profile section of the site to get started.

Your Stats
Keep your popularity through your game stats which will link you to the other players and the fans as well. The stats must be correct and accurate to make you stay in the game.

Player And Fan Interaction
Fans can follow their favorite prep sports player throughout the season. Make your fan page attractive because your fave can see this too. Players and fans are provided with a chat function in the site where they can freely discuss anything about the fantasy league and beyond. No profanity, spamming and harassment please. Just enjoy an exciting chat and get to know each other pretty well. has embedded several sections which can easily make you feel the world of fantasy league at your fingertips and convenience. The Prep Sport channel gives the fans a view of whatís going on and whoís in tow while the Faceoff is for both players and fans to chill out for the next high school sports match. With the Faceoff, you can plan ahead for the event that will surely excite everyone in the game. The Playbook must not be missed out. This is the game rules. Without the rules, the fun will definitely be spoiled.

Register online for free at where jampacked action gets better everyday. Donít miss the chance to be the next high school sports star.

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