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BedBreakfast-Hotels offers a comprehensive directory of the thousands of hotels, bed & breakfasts all over the United Kingdom.

Online PR News – 31-May-2011 – – BedBreakfast-Hotels offers a comprehensive directory of the thousands of hotels, bed & breakfasts all over the United Kingdom. Their website is primarily designed to give users and visitors all the information that they need about UK hotels and bed & breakfasts, self catering, and other accommodations. Their portal provides an easy and convenient way to book bed and breakfast. Comprehensive and detailed information is available on each and every one of the lodgings on the website to ensure that people make the right and well-informed decisions and are happy with their overall experience of staying at one of these places.

The directory lists more than 5,000 hotels and with such a range of choices people always find the perfect accommodation. The company believes that in the countryside, bed and breakfasts score over hotels. In terms of the amenities available at the location, hotels offer many more amenities to their vacationers like gym, laundry rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis, room service, maid service, access to the internet, tour groups, etc while bed and breakfast places offer special amenities like country-style complimentary breakfast and interesting wine tasting sessions, though the common amenities that they have may not be as many in number as the hotels. More couples choose to stay in bed and breakfasts because of the intimate coziness they provide while families with kids appreciate the extra room and amenities on offer at hotels. Kids can be as rowdy and noisy as they want in family-friendly hotels while the ambience at a bed and breakfast can lean more towards the quiet and relaxed. In terms of the cost factor, bed and breakfast accommodations are usually more expensive when compared with hotel accommodations.

The choice is between the intimate experience of a bed and breakfast or the creature comforts available at a hotel. People can choose what kind of accommodation they want based on the experience they would like to have. The countryside is always beautiful and there are many charming bed and breakfast places that have the warmth and ambience of home that makes visitors fall in love the place almost instantly.

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