Landscape Contractors and Employees Benefit from 31-Day Dry Erase Marker Board

Magnatag has developed a 31-day dry erase marker board to aid landscape contractors and their employees in coordinating work tasks. The dry erase calendar makes all jobs visible so employees are kept in the loop.

Online PR News – 04-June-2011 – – Landscaper’s 31-Day Dry Erase Marker Board uses magnet colors to plan, see and prepare jobs

Macedon, NY – August 2009 -- Landscape contractors are turning to Magnatag’s 31-Day Dry Erase Marker Board Crew Schedule as a fast, easy, efficient, flexible way to plan work schedules and show them 24/7 to employees. “I used to keep everything in my black book,” says a New York based landscape contractor, “but as we grew and added more people, they didn’t know what to do next. Now, with the dry erase calendar, they can see the schedule and have everything loaded the night before with out my having to be there.”

“Our landscape and contracting customers helped us create this dry erase board,” says Christian Krapf, a spokesperson for Magnatag® Visible Systems. “They wanted to see and show the crew chiefs their entire month’s schedule at a glance, so we designed it to display jobs with color-coded magnets where each person or crew could see what they had to do, where they’re working and what equipment they need from day to day on each job. The magnet colors make it fast and easy to plan, post, change and update information and you can also write quick notes right on the dry erase marker board.”

The 31-Day dry erase calendar from Magnatag comes complete with everything you need to operate it. The heat fused printed magnetic dry erase whiteboard system is available in 4 sizes to accommodate 4-16 crews for up to 4 months. It includes magnetic cardholders to show job locations and specifications. Magnet circles in 10 colors for your own special job detail codes. Magnetic month and date sets and write on tools make it easy to show what’s happening. For more information about Magnatag’s 31-Day Crew Schedule go to

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