IT Jobs Rank in Top 10 Pay

According to the NACE survey, computer engineering grads received average offers exceeding $60,000 their first year out of school.

Online PR News – 08-June-2011 – – (Alberta, Canada)—The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently reported that among the top ten highest-earning bachelor college degrees, computer engineering and information sciences ranked fifth and ninth respectively.

“There’s no doubt that IT jobs are on the rise,” states David Papp, author of IT Survival Guide: Conquering Information Technology in Your Organization. “We live in the knowledge era, and if companies want to compete, they need professionals who can help them stay on top of the latest IT trends.”

Unfortunately, many organizations do not have well qualified IT managers, according to Mr. Papp. Backgrounds of IT professionals range from four-year degrees in computer science to one-year IT technical training. Neither provides ideal skills in handling the rapidly changing information technology demands of today.

“I believe computer engineering degrees offer the best education for managing complex IT systems,” David states. “Building an IT system or network is a lot like building a bridge or a skyscraper, and engineers naturally have these talents.”

In the NACE survey, computer engineering grads received average offers exceeding $60,000 their first year out of school. In fact, various engineering degrees occupied four of the top five spots in the survey. The high initial salary of computer engineers reflects the increased demand for IT professionals, according to Mr. Papp.

“Computer engineers not only have practical skills in designing and managing IT systems, but they also have sound theoretical knowledge,” David states. “This allows such individuals to be both creative and realistic, and astute companies are raising salary offers to attract such talent.”

David believes companies seeking IT managers will preferentially hire candidates with engineering backgrounds in the future. Based on the NACE survey, the future may be now.

About the Author:
David Papp is an international IT consultant with over twenty years’ experience in IT systems. He is a popular keynote speaker on numerous IT topics. Mr. Papp has a computer engineering degree from the University of Alberta and holds multiple industry certifications.

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