Lang Smith Reveals The Biggest Secrets To Credit Repair In His Credit Mastery Challenge

If you are currently struggling with bad credit there are many myths and falsehoods out there in the market that can keep you stuck in the mire of bad credit.

Online PR News – 09-June-2011 – – If you are currently struggling with bad credit there are many myths and falsehoods out there in the market that can keep you stuck in the mire of bad credit? Going with the wrong information out there in the market and falling victim to the false claims of companies that are more interested in taking your money than improving your credit can cost you big time!

The fact is that having a poor credit score can cost you your dream job as 75 % of employers will pull your credit score before hiring you and you may also find it difficult to get a landlord that will rent you a property, or you may find it difficult to get the insurance policy that you want, all due to having a bad credit score.

Lang Smith, the man behind “credit mastery challenge” is someone who has been where you are now if you are struggling with bad credit. Like a lot of people out there today he fell victim to the hypnotic marketing methods of the credit card companies and soon found himself with bills that he could not pay, and he then fell victim to a debt consolidation company that ripped him off leaving him with such a bad credit score that his life became a nightmare.

Having learned his lessons the hard way on how to repair bad credit Lang now wants to share everything he has learned with anybody out there that has bad credit so they do not have to negotiate the same difficult terrain as Lang did.

According to Lang one of the main myths out there about credit restoration is that it is all about the amount of items you can remove on your credit score rather than what is left that will determine your credit score. But in actual fact what is left on the credit score is what is impacting on your credit in a negative way.

He also tells people to watch out for companies that guarantee an exact credit score in a specific amount of time. This is simply not possible as there is no way to know for sure how long different items will take to be removed on your credit score.

Lang tells his readers not to be bullied by the collection agents and to be demanding and more forthright when negotiating with them. Contrary to popular belief, most Collection agencies do not even have the power to collect on the debt before you make payment or initiate a verbal or non verbal agreement with them, so if you owe them money make sure to get them to prove they have the legal power to collect on a debt before you pay them a thing because once you make a payment or make a verbal or non verbal agreement with them they will have a contract for that debt with you and will chase you to the ends of the earth to collect on it.

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