Holistic Fertility Expert Discusses Pre-Conception Detoxification for Increased Fertility

Julia Indichova explains how to increase fertility and the chance of getting pregnant by spring cleaning your body.

Online PR News – 11-June-2011 – New York, New York – Julia Indichova, holistic fertility expert, author, and director of the Fertile Heart Studio in Woodstock, New York (www.fertileheart.com), says that one of the many reasons women choose pre-conception detox is to increase fertility and also to make post-conception detox, or morning sickness, much more tolerable.

“Morning sickness, after all, is the body’s way of protecting your growing baby from potentially harmful toxins, particularly in the first trimester, when the fetus is most vulnerable,” says Indichova. “What better way to minimize the discomfort of first trimester nausea than start the cleansing process before you conceive?”

Depending on a woman’s lifestyle and overall level of health, Indichova says that, in her fertility counseling practice, she typically recommends a 3- to 5-week pre-conception detoxification period, followed by ongoing attention to cleansing, before attempting natural conception or any form of assisted reproduction.

“After having made thoughtful changes in my diet and lifestyle, one of the many elements of my personal pre-conception detox was a weekly one day juice fast,” said Indichova, “which I, at times, extended to a long weekend.”

However, Indichova notes that there are many different approaches to pre-conception detox for increased fertility and patients need not travel to a retreat or spend hundreds of dollars on a cleansing kit to get results. In fact, she says that the more seamlessly you can incorporate cleansing into your routine, the more likely it will become a lifelong habit.

“In both my professional and personal experience, what works best is gradually strengthening the digestive and elimination organs before attempting a radical fast or a dramatic pre-conception detox,” says Indichov. “If we assault these organs with extra burden without strengthening them first, we'll end up doing more harm than good.”

For specific suggestions on preparing the internal purification system for more serious detox, Indichov offers “10 Steps toward a Pre-Conception Detox – The Fertile Heart Approach,” which can be found on her website at www.fertileheart.com.

Julia Indichova is the author of Inconceivable (Doubleday 2001) and The Fertile Female (Adell Press 2007) She is the director of the Fertile Heart™ Studio in Woodstock, New York, which offers daylong workshops. Julia also leads an international fertility phone support group, and a monthly open circle in New York City. Her work and story have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Oxygen, Chicago Fox News, Chicago Parent magazine and in Health magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. After 9/11 she founded the Birthing a Child-Friendly Planet Project, with an ongoing series of seminars meant to inspire individuals to give birth to healthier bodies, books, and businesses, all in the context of repairing the world. For more information visit http://www.fertileheart.com.

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