CGG News: GeveyPass Micro SIM card Unlock iPhone 4 Frequent Question Solution ?

CoolGadgetsGift released some solutions on how to proper use Geveypass micro SIM card to unlock iPhone 4, GeveyPass micro SIM card is a new revolution to bring a simple say on unlocking iPhone 4. Use your iPhone 4 as it is really yours.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – Geveypass Micro simcard unlock iPhone 4 Frequent questions

Q Why is my mobile Phone Locked ?

A T hese days, most mobile phones come " locked " to a particular network (i.e. T-Mobile, Cingular, Orange, Vodafone, Rogers, etc). This means that you will only be able to use your cell phone on the network from which it was originally purchased. For example if you purchased a phone from T-Mobile and later wanted to change your service provider to Cingular, your new Cingular SIM card would not work in the mobile phone you bought from T-Mobile.

This can be frustrating for several reasons. It can get very expensive if you have to purchase a new cell phone every time you change network service providers. And for the frequent travelers your roaming charges would cost you a fortune. For the bargain shoppers or if you are the person who is looking for the next best deal on your cell phone service plan, a locked phone can make this very difficult and costly.

The only solution to solve the problems listed above is to unlock your mobile phone. It is completely legal and is a more cost effective way to get the greatest use out of your cell phone. The only reason that your network provider lock their mobile phones is to discourage you from changing your cell phone service to a different network provider, thereby keeping your business until you buy a new phone from a different network.

Q What does it mean to unlock your phone?

A When a wireless network provider 'lock' their phones, it means that their phones have been programmed to only work with SIMs issued by their company. Unlocking Can be done using Softwares and Cables and Codes and all these Methods VOID the Warranty on your phone but can allow you to unlock your phone.

Q How can i unlock my phone without having to use cables and softwares or codes and without invalidating the Warranty on my mobile phone.

A The only way to Unlock Mobile phones without using cables and softwares or codes and without affecting the Warranty on the mobile phone is to Use a Geveypass Simcard to unlock your phone.

Q How do I know if my phone is already unlocked or not?

A Simply insert an active SIM card from a different wireless service provider other than the original SIM and see if it works in your phone or not. If it works and your phone accepts the SIM card, then your phone is already unlocked. But if it creates some sort of error message, like "Invalid SIM" or "Incorrect SIM" and doesn't work, then your phone is locked.

Q What is Geveypass Simcard and how can this Unlock My Phone ?

A Geveypass Simcard is a very thin and is made of a Flexible PCB that sits on under your network simcard. The Geveypass Simcard Can allow unlocking of 1000;s of mobile phones without using cables software or codes and Best of all Without Loss of Warranty.

After making a small hole in your network simcard with the Geveypass network simcard cutter you then place the Geveypass sim under you network sim and in to the simgate of your mobile phone.

The Geveypass Simcard has an IC on the FPCB and this intercepts some of the communication between the network simcard and phone and Enables the use of other network simcard's in a otherwise locked phone.
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