Jack’s Country Store Offers E-Gift Certificates to Buy a Hand Held Metal Detector or Anything Else

For those that want to offer a hand held metal detector as a gift, but uncertain about the model, or for others who have a friend or family member that appreciates all things Americana, an E-Gift Certificate from Jack’s Country Store is perfect.

Online PR News – 13-June-2011 – – Online stores are ideal for finding unique and interesting gift ideas, but sometimes nailing down that one perfect item is either too difficult or too expensive. Jack’s Country Store offers E-Gift Certificates to help customers find a personal gift for their friends and family, while also letting the recipient choose the actual gift, whether it’s a hand held metal detector, a whimsical bird feeder, a food item from the Pacific Northwest, or any of the other traditional American items offered at this online retailer.

“We try to bring the best of the best from our mercantile shop to the larger audience online. Those that want to shop these types of items, like fisher metal detectors or nostalgic toys, can now do so. And, by offering the E-Gift Certificates, gift-givers can show that they know a person well enough to know that they would love something like the items we offer, but they give the ultimate decision over to the recipient. It’s very cool,” states Christy Caruthers, associate at the store.

At Jack’s Country Store in Ocean Park and now through our online store, we try to bring a little bit of the past to the present; a little bit of nostalgia to the fast paced world we live in

Online gift certificates can also make a nice gift for someone who wants a more expensive item and several people can contribute with the gift certificates. For example, if someone is saving up for a hand held metal detector that costs several hundred dollars, they may get a few Jack’s Country Store E-Gift Certificates that cut their cost in half, bringing them that much closer to the purchase.

“At Jack’s Country Store in Ocean Park and now through our online store, we try to bring a little bit of the past to the present; a little bit of nostalgia to the fast paced world we live in. We know that our customers appreciate shopping for Fisher metal detectors and partaking in a long-beloved pastime or finding a Radio Flyer wagon for their grandkids, just like they had when they were young. There is a lot of sentiment behind every product we offer,” adds Caruthers.

To shop all of the old Americana items at Jack’s Country Store, visit them online at http://www.jackscountrystore.co/.

About Jack’s Country Store:

Founded in 1885, and thought to be the oldest continuing business in the state. Jack’s Country Store is a mercantile shop that maintains the traditions of rural America—in both the items they carry and the customer service they extend. Located in Ocean Park, Washington, the store sells unique items, from premium metal detectors and prospecting tools to antique toys, such as the authentic Radio Flyer® wagon. Jack’s Country Store inventory lists more than 200,000 items that are stocked on site. But, they are ready to rise to the challenge when a customer is looking for something out of the ordinary. While only a representative portion of the full inventory is featured online. Jack’s Country Store encourages customers to visit the Ocean Park store or contact them via email or phone for more assistance in tracking an item down.

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