Knowledge Base Software Released by - More Than 50 Improvements

Web-Site-Scripts Company presented new version of knowledge base software - KnowledgeBase Manager Pro 5.1. This application helps to organize collaboration work & customer support, automate business knowledge management, and create intranet knowledge base.

Online PR News – 20-May-2009 – – New version of knowledge base software shipped by Web-Site-Scripts. Main advantages of Knowledge Base Manager Pro comparing to the previous version are high performance, great usability, and huge variety of new features.

Improved navigation, plenty of hints, solid and intuitive user interface turns working with this application very easy even for beginners

Rich-text editor obtained about 40 functions becoming closer to users who work with widespread text processors. Due to new Media Storage function, it is possible to store in corporate knowledge base image, animation and video library.

Possibility to edit published information right on the website appeared. It is extremely useful for usage of this program as knowledge management software. Information access permissions distribution was dramatically extended. Publication to Web was redesigned, additional style was added.

"Improved navigation, plenty of hints, solid and intuitive user interface turns working with this application very easy even for beginners", said Igor Dobritskiy, CTO of Web-Site-Scripts Company. "If user is acquainted with office software, he will easily master KnowledgeBase Manager Pro in a few minutes".

Configuration and customization of the software also underwent fundamental changes. "We have processed a lot of feedback from our customers. Every change, every new function is a consumer and market demand. Each application module was reviewed and improved", - said Edward Nikolaev, Head of Support Department.

Next version release is planned for III quarter of 2009. For additional information on knowledge management software by Web-Site-Scripts visit:

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