Panel PC, All In One Embedded System

Panel PCs are the completed all-in-one embedded system that includes processor and LCD flat display with resistive type touch screen.

Online PR News – 28-June-2011 – – Panel PCs are the completed all-in-one embedded system that includes processor and LCD flat display with resistive type touch screen. One of the best things about the Panel PC is the kind of interaction and versatility that it provides. It is integrated into a slim form factor enclosure and is ready for panel mount or wall mount application. Ready to be integrated into your kiosks, industrial and automation applications, the industrial grade design features all-in-one computer PC function and NEMA 4/12 rated front panel for any harsh environment.

The LCD panel is a TFT active type digital to digital which connects to the on board video and comes with standard VGA connector on the back of the panel pc for the external display. Providing protection for the LCD panel and is sealing the front panel housing to prevent water and dust, the touch screen plays a very important feature when looking for a Panel PC. The resistive type touch screen is mounted on the front of the LCD panel which typically provides high resolution and accurate touch control.

Because their screens have been weatherized to protect against temperatures as cold as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, these PCs lead the field in terms of ability to be ruggedized and weatherized to combat harsh environments. With specifications usually meet or exceed the latest military specifications, it's no wonder they stand out more than other technologies.

A system board, which is also referred to as the system board or main board, is included in all Panel PCs. It holds the main components of the computer and provides power for operation throughout the unit.

Mounted on the side of the embedded system board lies what you call a "storage device." These storage devices are able to hold information, process information, or in some cases does both. Depending on what these devices are used for, providing higher efficiency and higher power are what they do best.

For unique hardware applications, PCI expansion slots are supported. These slots add new capabilities to the computer like being able to add more memory, and upgraded video and audio.

Regardless of all the hardware specifications and its true capabilities, one of the chief reasons for these computers to become popular would have to do with the fact that it can be a panel mount or a wall mount. If implemented in the right manner, the Panel PC can help significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of its environment.

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