"HEAVENLY EYES OF MY SOUL" By: Victoria Yousefi

Author, Victoria Yousefi has released her second book, "Heavenly Eyes Of My Soul" by www.publishamerica.com
Her story will show you what it was like living in Iran back in the late 1970's when The Shah and his regime was overthrown. A powerful, dramatic and action-packed book describes how Iranian women had no rights under the new regime's laws and beliefs. Women were "lashed" on the street for insignificant violations like showing their hair or dating. She documents what it was like for her family to live through the Iraq and Iran war. How the aggressive demonstrations took place to get The Shah and his regime out of power. Her book will keep you on the edge of your seat. A powerful journey about a mother's desire to leave Iran with her three young children. It's a love story and very inspiring.
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Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – Victoria Yousefi, Author documents her life in Iran, during the turbulent 1980's when the majority of demonstrators, eventually forced the Shah and his Royal family to exile the country. Imagine what it was like when the war happened between Iraq and Iran. How would a mother handle calming her children down, when Iraqi bombs and missiles were exploding everywhere, with tremendous force and no hope to survive for the next day. Her book dramatically describes how women were punished by being whipped and stoned to death, for insignificant violations by the new regime.

Her journey started back then, to escape from Iran to America with her three young children to reach freedom. Upon settling in America, her youngest son Omid was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a bone marrow failure blood disease. This amazing story will capture your attention with all the action and tender love story. You will be inspired with her strong courage, faith and hope.
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