APMEX CEO, Michael R. Haynes, Featured on CNBC Worldwide Exchange

CNBC invited Michael R. Haynes, APMEX CEO, to give his expert opinion about Gold demand in the global economy on 6/23/11; the central banks are buying Gold instead of selling Gold.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – Michael R. Haynes, CEO of The American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX,) pointed out that central banks in the world have currently stopped selling Gold into the marketplace and have started buying Gold. Central banks across the globe buy Gold to back up their currency values during times of economic crisis, geopolitical unrest and sovereign risk. Watch the CNBC interview with Michael Haynes here: Gold Demand.

“When we examine the top Gold holdings at the six largest central banks, we find that the United States holds more Gold as an investment than other countries,” stated Haynes, "But when you compare a country’s Gold holdings to the size of their economy, the ratio of U.S. Gold holdings per trillion dollars GDP is relatively small in comparison to the ratios of other countries’ investment in Gold. For example, Switzerland holds three-and-a-half times the amount of Gold per trillion GDP. That’s why the Swiss Franc, for example, is always thought of as a very stable currency."

Due to the increased interest and demand in the global market for Gold as an investment option, APMEX is shipping more Gold this year than last year to customers in the United States as well as 23 foreign countries. New customers can register for a free account online at www.APMEX.com.

Central banks in the world have currently stopped selling Gold into the marketplace and have started buying Gold.

Michael R. Haynes is a 30-year veteran of the precious metal and rare coin markets. He has served as a board member, president, COO or CFO of nine different public and private companies engaged in the specialty retail, distribution, e-commerce and manufacturing businesses.


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