Life Meets Work Participating in 17th Annual Management & Business Advisors Conference

Life Meets Work is a consultancy that helps businesses to adopt work-life balance programs to reduce pressure and increase business productivity.

Online PR News – 07-July-2011 – – Life Meets Work is a consultancy that helps businesses to adopt work-life balance programs to reduce pressure and increase business productivity. Being a participant of many well-known conferences, the president of Life Meets Work, Kyra Cavanaugh, is now taking part in 17th Annual Management and Business Advisors Conference. The event will be held on 27th June, 2011 at Minneapolis Convention Center from 10:45 AM to 12:00 Noon.

The president will present on the topic, “Making Flexibility Work in Your Organization”, where many key issues will be thoroughly covered for better understanding of the concept and improving flex confusions within an organization. The key issues to be covered in this conference will be overcoming resistance, the impact of flexibility on productivity, perception gap due to flexibility, flexible options available for hourly and salaried teams.

“This conference will be an eye-opener for business personnels who are not very much comfortable in bringing flexibility at workplace. I will help businesses to learn the ways to reap financial benefits of flexibility and how they can implement at all levels of management to fit well with their existing culture”, says Kyra Cavanaugh, President, Life Meets Work.

This conference will be beneficial for all those who want to deal with high pressure, hour-based environments or high-level customer service scenarios while managing flexibility in an organization. She will present a business case for flex to discuss how flexible work arrangement can balance employee benefits and gain business profitability and business output.

This session is a must for all those professionals who want to retain top performers, improve employee loyalty and drive employee performance in an organization. People who will attend this session will have practical and proven solutions for implementing flexibility in their organizations.

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Life Meets Work is a workplace consultancy that helps companies to improve their bottom line through workplace flexibility and results-focused management. Services include consulting help, employee assessment, speaker bookings, workgroups and online resources to help you provide a better working environment for your valuable employees. It has helped many businesses to adapt flexible work arrangements or alternative work schedules for their employees.

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