Top San Jose Dentists at Zeidler Dental Offer Patients Services for Brighter Smiles

Zeidler Dental Group, Leading San Jose Dentist Office, Provides Premium Teeth Whitening and Bleaching Services

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – SAN JOSE, CALIF. – The leading San Jose dentists at Zeidler Dental Group are helping patients achieve attractive, winning smiles with teeth whitening techniques known to be highly effective.

“With whiter smiles, our patients know they look great, and their confidence soars,” said Dr. Clayton Zeidler. “Our process is simple and very effective. You can expect nothing but the best results when you trust Zeidler Dental for teeth whitening.”

Our process is simple and very effective. You can expect nothing but the best results when you trust Zeidler Dental for teeth whitening.

Patients typically undergo one of two types of teeth whitening:

• At-home Teeth Whitening. The at-home method allows patients to whiten their teeth comfortably. Generally, a patient must first have an impression made of his or her teeth so that a tray can be fitted and filled with a whitening solution. The patient can then wear the trays over the teeth.
• Laser Teeth Whitening. Laser whitening is done by applying a peroxide gel over the teeth. The gel conducts the laser for maximum results.

With its team of leading San Jose dentists, Zeidler Dental Group specializes in a variety of effective cosmetic dentistry techniques. The group provides such services as teeth implants and veneers, and dentists perform such tooth repair services as fillings, bondings, alignment and more.

“With our cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening, our patients can enjoy healthy looking teeth,” Zeidler said. “Our whitening techniques are designed to be quick and efficient so you can get on with your day.”

About Zeidler Dental Group:
Leading San Jose dentistry practice, Zeidler Dental Group, is committed to providing families with outstanding care and innovative solutions while specializing in dental procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants and porcelain veneers. For more information about the Zeidler Dental Group, visit

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