GoFrugal's TruePOS – A Multichannel Transformation to your Future Retail Store

GoFrugal Technologies launches TruePOS a free/low cost retail business management SaaS service. Retailers can now “Access their data from Anywhere and Anytime from just a browser”.

Online PR News – 12-July-2011 – – GoFrugal Technologies launches TruePOS a free/low cost retail business management SaaS service. Retailers can now “Access their data from Anywhere and Anytime from just a browser”. TruePOS transforms the way Retailers do their business by automating many of the process that are done manually today. The solution provides small retailers with a significant time and cost-savings whilst increasing the efficiency of their business operations.

Chennai, India - TruePOS is meant for small store format retail chains. For larger stores, there are several service packs available at a reasonable cost, depending on the size and scale of the business. The restrictions are mainly due to high cost of broadband access in India. As higher speed broadband access become cheaper and cheaper, larger business can be supported in the SaaS mode. TruePOS removes the barrier of Technical complexity, risk and is most affordable with the power of scalability. This helps larger retailers adopt this solution. EDK, Outlook, Ample are such examples.

Highlights of TruePOS

TruePOS is intuitive and easy to use
Being robust, the system can tolerate some of the mistakes user can make and can warn them to prevent them

Business benefits include faster processing with function key support, customer management and tracking, reports on retail store performance
Access to real-time data helps retailers make correct business decisions
With offline support, retailers benefit from zero downtime and they can continue with their business

Business critical data on the remote database is encrypted and backed up daily
'Equitas Dhanya Khosa' a Grocery Store has adopted GoFrugal's SaaS Technology to put it on a Super-fast track. EDK's credits their business growth from a single outlet to 15 stores in just one-and-half-years to smart-adoption of TruePOS.

“The ability to carry the POS service to every book fair and stall facilitates quick service to customers” is NHM a publisher quotes on the advantages of TruePOS.
“GoFrugal is excited about the launch of TruePOS which is an innovative way of retailing. This solution is a subscription based (SaaS) service which is specially meant for small store format retail chains and is free for retailers with less than 1000 (SKUs) and there are several service packs available depending on the size and scale of the business. A great advantage of the SaaS service is that the, customers can pay as they use which reduces the capital expense [capex] and translates into an operational expense [opex] of the retailer.” says Kumar Vembu, CEO, GoFrugal Technologies.

There is a definite rise in cross-channel consumerism and this is the biggest challenge to traditional retailers. Retailers who develop the multi-channel capabilities, to effectively serve the new breed of customers are likely to gain a meaningful advantage in the marketplace. Those who don’t are likely to find themselves sliding down a slippery slope.

GoFrugal's TruePOS is a comprehensive solution for retail-start ups. You can sign up for your TruePOS account and start ringing your sale in a matter of minutes. Get a Free Access to your account with an easy sign up. http://www.true-pos.com/signup.html. For more information click on www.true-pos.com

About GoFrugal - GoFrugal Technologies specializes in retail, retail distribution and supply chain management solutions. We offer end to end solution from store automation to multi-channel retailing suitable for volume, value and service to the retailers. GoFrugal solutions integrate computing, Web 2.0, mobile and SMS technologies to address complete business management needs of independent and chain retailers. GoFrugal solutions have automated 15,000 + standalone stores and 200 + retail chains across India in 40 different retail segments. GoFrugal believes in transparency, collaboration, innovation and keeping things simple and frugal.

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