Texas E-Therapist Will Find Replacement Therapist If Clients Try Online Therapy First

Special no-risk promotional offer from Texas E-Therapy Practice

Online PR News – 14-July-2011 – – For Immediate Release

Stephanie Adams, LPC wants people to know that E-Therapy has a lot of advantages: itís extremely private, itís convenient, and according to research, as effective as traditional means of therapy. But she realizes itís something a lot of people havenít had a chance to experience on their own. Thatís why sheís offering a limited-time promotion at her online therapy practice, Beginnings Counseling & Consulting.

The special offers a free email therapy session from Adams. After reading the response, which will include reflections, observations, insights and action steps, the client can then choose to continue seeing Adams for video, email, phone or chat therapy, or request she find them another therapist. In the latter circumstance, Adams has made the commitment to search for another counselor in the clientís geographical area, and to contact the counselor on the clientís behalf. Due to privacy laws, Adams cannot give identifying information to another therapist, but she can seek out therapists who typically deal with the situation the client is struggling with. Adams will then pass the name on to the client, who has the benefit of knowing this therapist has been pre-screened to meet their unique needs.

Adams doesnít worry about giving her clients away. ďThe bottom line is that when people need support, they need it right away. I believe in most cases I will be able to help the people who contact me. But if for some reason I canít, they still need help. I want to make sure they find it.Ē

Adams says about the special offer, ďThereís zero risk or financial investment for you. Thereís no reason not to give it a try.Ē

This offer is only available for a limited time and applicable only to Texas residents in order to comply with state licensing laws.

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