Personalized Koozies From True Imprint Revolutionize The Process of Brand Recognition

Freebies like personalized koozies or can coolers are great ways to create and promote a brand identity in a subtle and effective way.

Online PR News – 22-July-2011 – – Freebies like personalized koozies or can coolers are great ways to create and promote a brand identity in a subtle and effective way. Manufactured by the company True Imprint, these have revolutionized marketing and promotion efforts. Not only are koozies excellent ways of giving interested and potential customers freebies, but they are also affordable and their portability enables them to get to a number of unexpected places like boats, camp sites, etc. apart from offices and homes from their point of distribution. They give businesses the much needed impetus when it involves their branding and promotional efforts and the space that these koozies provide for the prominent display of the logo or the name of the company is valuable advertising space.

The traditional usage of koozies as protective foam covers for cans and beverages is known for quite some time now. However, their effective use in a business context that helps companies and businesses draw more interested and potential clients, leads, and prospects has been made possible only because of the efforts of the company True Imprint that believes that they also represent excellent ways to celebrate the success of a business apart from promotions and marketing. These work great at trade shows, company picnics, games, parades as well as local events if an owner of a local business wants people in their area to know more about the company and is trying to make an effort to pitch and promote their services and products.

Apart from brand recognition, these koozies also enable people to get a little familiar with the company. This form of viral marketing and promotion works well as people talk to their friends and families about the freebies, which in turn, leads to further discussions and enquiries about their services and products. It also establishes a certain amount of credibility and trusts that sets businesses apart from the competition, which is extremely crucial when it comes to marketing and advertising. Small, medium sized as well as large companies can greatly benefit by ordering these personalized koozies that are offered at wholesale prices and can be distributed either as promotional items or can also be stored as souvenirs.

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