Damartís 2011 Summer Season Collection is perfect for the UK summer and festival season

With the festival season in full swing and the great British weather as manically unpredictable as ever, you may be left wondering what on earth to wear. Damartís 2011 summer season collection is the perfect solution to this predicament and is well worth checking out before you pack your bags for the last remaining festivals of the season.

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – With the 2011 summer season showing no signs of heating up thermal clothing could be the perfect solution to all your festival fashion needs.

Damartís amazing range of thermal clothing often proves priceless once the cold evening sets in, in a muddy field! Beautifully designed and amazingly comfortable these classy thermal clothes go effortlessly with Damartís 2011 summer season collection whilst also keeping you nice and warm.

With the 2011 summer season showing no signs of heating up Damart has the perfect solution to all your festival fashion needs with its gorgeous 2011 summer season and thermal clothing ranges.

The Sleeveless Paisley Vest is a gorgeous example of Damartís thermal undergarments and is made from innovative Thermolactyl lace. This unique material means the vest uses your own natural body heat to keep you warm and at £16.00 this Sleevelss Paisley Vest will have you looking great and feeling even better no matter what.

Another festival essential are Damartís Ďmiracle leggingsí. These Slimline Leggings not only keep you warm and comfortable but will actually amazingly improve the shape of your legs by reducing the size of your thigh measurements by 2.5cm and also help you lose weight.

These amazing results are due to these unique leggings being made from a unique fabric containing microcapsules of Amazonian tree sap, red algae, horse chestnut, red vine and soft almond oil which releases slimming properties into your skin when you move. This means not only do they keep your legs in shape but also help you lose weight and look great, making these £15.00 slimline leggings from Damart the definition of a Ďmust haveí and a real bargain for the summer.

Damartís gorgeous white shirt, which also doubles up as the perfect little white dress, is another festival must have. Elegant, pretty and comfortable it compliments the Ďmiracle leggingsí perfectly, and will help you look your best whilst dancing away to your favourite band. For £15.00, this little white dress is also another great seasonal bargain.

Damartís summer collection really does have it all and is packed with the perfect stylish clothing to help you look great for the remainder of this barmy British summer. Visit www.damart.co.uk for all your summer fashion needs.

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