Award Winning Sleep Apnoea Service Opens New Clinic at Johnson Hospital in Lincolnshire

The Lincolnshire-based Snoring Disorders Centre has opened a new clinic at Johnson Hospital in Spalding to enable sufferers of sleep apnoea from the surrounding communities easy access to a high quality treatment service.

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – The Lincolnshire-based Snoring Disorders Centre has opened a new clinic at Johnson Hospital in Spalding to enable sufferers of sleep apnoea from the surrounding communities easy access to a high quality treatment service.

The Snoring Disorders Centre (or Snore Centre) is based at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, and a high demand for the service has led founder and sleep specialist Michael Oko to set up the Spalding clinic:

“The East Midlands and East of England is currently under-served in this therapy area, and people were having to travel long distances for diagnosis and treatment in Boston. Now the people of South Lincolnshire and North Cambridgeshire have an easily accessible sleep service, and the clinic is also easier to reach for patients from further afield”, said Mr Oko.

Up to 4% of the adult population are thought to suffer from sleep apnoea, which is often undiagnosed. This condition prevents sufferers from getting a good night’s sleep and is linked to serious medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Sufferers are usually permanently tired, resulting in a reduced quality of life and an greatly increased risk of being involved in a road traffic accident. In a recent survey by road safety charity Brake one in seven drivers were found to have sleep apnoea.

Mr Oko added, “If you suspect that you or a relative may have sleep apnoea I strongly advise going to see your GP, who can refer you to a sleep clinic for diagnosis. You can also take this simple test to find out if you have a high probability of being a sufferer. Treatment is straightforward and effective, and achieving a good night’s sleep can transform the lives of sufferers and their partners.”

At the Snore Centre there is a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction, which is monitored via interactive touch screen technology. Mr Oko saw 383 patients from April 2010 to April 2011 and on average 96% of patients were very satisfied with the service they received.

The Snoring Disorders Centre won an East Midlands Health and Social Care Award in the Service Transformation category in 2008, and also an MEH award for Excellence in Respiratory Care in 2009.

Notes to editors:
1. Michael Oko is speaking at the Health Service Journal conference titled ENT and Audiology Services 2011 in London on 29th September on “Developing a business case for investing in the continued improvement to ENT services”.

2. What is Sleep Apnoea?
Sleep Apnoea is a sleeping disorder that you might not even realise you are suffering from, usually your partner will be more aware of it than you are. The problem itself is a disrupted breathing pattern during sleep caused by a closing of the upper airways of your lungs when you relax and a period of time when your body stops breathing. This results in you losing a few breathes, lasting a period of around ten to twenty seconds (each occasion is referred to as an apnoea). Sometimes this might wake you up but more often than not you will simply resume breathing normally again without being aware of the disruption and without realising that you have woken up for a few seconds and that your sleep has been disrupted. Mild sleep apnoea is when between 5 and 15 episodes of apnoea occur within an hour, moderate between 15 to 30 and severe sleep apnoea is anything above this.

3. CPAP – Continuous Airway Pressure
If you suffer from moderate or severe sleep apnoea and you do not respond to lifestyle changes then you might be recommended a CPAP machine while you sleep.
This is a mask attached to a machine that helps you to breathe at night by providing a steady supply of air. The air is at a slightly higher pressure than normal, which enables your throat to remain clear. This may seem an odd solution, having to be worn every night continuously, however if you persevere with it the CPAP machine can improve your sleeping immediately and have a huge impact on your waking life. This is the safest and most tried and tested solution to sleep apnoea and recommended by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence).

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