Tax Strategist and Accountant, Randy Keener, Launches Site To Help Home Business Entrepreneurs!

The days of putting money away in a savings account or working one job your entire life so you could be taken care of by a company pension are pretty much over.

Online PR News – 14-August-2011 – – The days of putting money away in a savings account or working one job your entire life so you could be taken care of by a company pension are pretty much over.

Nowadays, in order to get ahead financially, you just can’t earn money and save “for a rainy day” you need to understand money and how you can make it work for you.

In fact, with the crazy busy schedules that most of us lead and with what seems like not enough hours in the day, it’s almost impossible to find time to learn how to “understand” money. This is where Randy Keener and his newly launched website comes into play.

Randy Keener is a tax accountant by trade but he’s also an entrepreneur. He is a distributor for the home business opportunity Numis.

As you may already know, Numis made its reputation by successfully growing itself into one of the biggest home business opportunities during the heart of the recession. Their gold and silver numismatic coins, a commodity, is part of the widespread appeal since promoters are purchasing an asset versus consumable products. The other reason for the success of Numis Network is the education platform. This platform helps people appreciate the real long-term value of having commodities like gold and silver by educating normal, everyday people, other lesser known investment strategies to start broadening their understanding of asset accumulation and wealth building.

And of course on the other side of this coin, is Mr. Keener aligning himself with Numis. This was completely by design. He saw the value in being an entrepreneur as well as the real tax advantages of owning a home business. This is where being a tax accountant comes in handy!

Mr. Keener has combined his profession with his entrepreneurial spirit and has now been helping hundreds, if not thousands of business owners, understand money and use it to their advantage.

With the launch of his website, he is able to reach more people than his current roster of 700 clients, and provides simple but effective tax strategies to entrepreneurs so they can maximize the income they make. Again, the fact that Randy also runs a successful business with Numis Network just gives you a firsthand view and insight on what can be done to beat the taxman.

The bottom line is this: one of the cornerstones of being an entrepreneur is to keep your outgoing costs low and your incoming profits high. The goal with is to help you keep more of what you earn, to teach you how you can expand your earning potential through an active home business and to lastly educate you how to use money for exponential wealth building.

For more information on Randy Keener, his money saving services and to get a free silver coin, go to

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