Facebook Messenger App Ready To Take on BBM

The messaging war is about to heat up yet again as Facebook Messenger becomes available in the UK today

Online PR News – 17-September-2011 – – The messaging war is about to heat up yet again as Facebook Messenger becomes available in the UK today. Originally launched in the US in mid-August, the free-to-use app is now available for iOS and Android.

Just like Apple’s forthcoming iMessage, BlackBerry BBM and recent Skype acquisition GroupMe, you can communicate with your friends either on an individual basis or in group conversation, regardless of whether they’re chatting via their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Users can also share their location, send images and contact information between one another and for those not using a smartphone or who don’t have the app installed, there’s the option to include these contacts in the conversation via text message.

The USP that gives Facebook Messenger the edge over other messaging clients is, well, Facebook. Because the app taps directly in to your friend lists on Facebook, there’s no need to manually build up a roll call of contacts like you have to with BlackBerry’s BBM PIN scheme, making it considerably more appealing to those with hectic schedules who just want to connect straight away.

Combine this ease of use with the fact that there’s over 750 million active Facebook users around the world and the social networking site’s foray into the mobile space could well become the messaging platform to rule them all.

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