New Book For Musicians: Music Licensing – Insiders Guide, Make Money with Music

Since CDs are dead, musicians are finding it more difficult to make money. Seb Jarakian and Randy Schroeder, owners of Musync, an artist driven music licensing company in San Francisco, have just finished an eBook with specific step-by-step directions of how musicians can make money licensing their music.

Online PR News – 21-September-2011 – – Musync ( just released a new book to help musicians make money licensing their music, written by the two owners of Musync, Seb Jarakian and Randy Schroeder.

Music licensing – Insider’s Guide (, was written for the express purpose of helping musicians by providing proven, easy, doable steps without hype or legalese. It’s written for the average person who wants the shortest path to getting their music licensed into film, television and video games. It’s not that hard to do, but takes perseverance, a good attitude, some flexibility and an open mind. It can seem like a daunting task, and without proper advice, may never work, but their book takes the mystery out of the process and makes it all doable.

Schroeder said, “After purchasing and reviewing all the books available on the subject, we noticed they were either too deep, such as Kohn’s book (which is a great reference book), or too light on details, and none were written by insiders to the business. Some are by attorneys, some by songwriters or others who are on the other side of the business. We want to help musicians get good, clear direction that will make a difference in getting their foot in the door correctly and not waste time and money making mistakes. Based on that, we invested our time, effort and expertise to write a music licensing book that is simple, direct, clear and easy to follow. The goal is to help musicians make money with their music. Music Licensing – Insider’s Guide ( could potentially change a musician’s life, and that’s very exciting to us. At one time, Moby was a nobody and he’s made a fortune licensing his music for radio, TV and film, and it didn’t take that long.”

“After purchasing and reviewing all the books available on the subject, we noticed they were either too deep, such as Kohn’s book (which is a great reference book), or too light on details, and none were written by insiders to the business."

Jarakian added, “We initially thought it would take three months to write the book. It ended up taking over a year, but it was well worth it. When you deal with the inner workings of a business every day, as we do, you tend to take things for granted, and you do everything as second nature. But, when your forced to write things down in a clear concise way, it’s brutal , but we did it.. We’re proud of the contribution our book will make in musicians’ lives. Music Licensing – Insider’s Guide ( also helped us clarify some things internally to our business, including going one more step and making our artists compositions available to anyone who needs music for a production via Soundminer (, online at: We do all we can to help musicians, so they can keep doing what they do best – create more great music for the world to enjoy.”

In addition to solid insightful direction in the book, they have also included seven directories that provide actual licensing opportunities:

- Music Publishers
- Advertising Agencies in the US
- Film TV
- Game Companies
- Music Libraries and Licensing Companies
- Music Supervisors
- Advertising Agencies Worldwide

Also included is a glossary of terms, which helps get the reader up to speed with the proper lingo of the licensing world. “Step one in any business is to sound like you know what you’re talking about - the goal is to sound familiar with the business; so people won’t brush you off. The glossary can be a lot of help”, said Jarakian.

Musync is known as an artist driven music licensing company. When asked about “artist driven”, Schroeder said, “We are dedicated to the talented musicians who supply us with all the great tracks we offer our clients. They drive our business and we gladly share revenue 50/50, which in today’s world of licensing is generous, but we love helping them, so they can continue to provide the world with more great songs.”

Musync ( has been helping musicians since 2002, and their new book will help those who aren’t yet in the business, get into the business … quickly.

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