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"The Constitution belongs to the people, not lawyers." - Ilya Movshovich

Online PR News – 25-September-2011 – – Impera, LLC aims to help reduce runaway legal fees/costs in the United States.

Impera, LLC today announced its service aiming to help reduce attorney fees in the U.S. is a San Francisco based Mediation and Legal Assistance firm, that believes that your right to represent yourself (pro se) doesnít have to be difficult or put you at a disadvantage because you donít understand legal terminology or court room procedures.

With U.S. legal costs rising and the economy not improving, many individuals have taken it upon themselves to seek a faster resolution in small claims court instead of paying high attorney fees and having the case drag on. In this economy people need money, they need it now, they donít have it in their budget to pay attorneys or the prolonged time to wait there after. Itís a much faster process to go to a small claims court. "Itís true that the maximum amount you can be awarded is $5,000, but you wont have to pay/deduct the outrageous attorney fees, itís quicker to have your case heard, you will save time, and receive your money." noted Ilya Movshovich founder and CEO.

ďLegal fees should not be that high. You donít have to hire an attorney for EVERYTHING, and we can help,Ē Movshovich went on to say.

ďImpera provides legal support for people who want to represent themselves. We are your guides in the world of law. Our objective is to help you find solutions without incurring legal bills that are disproportionate to the problem.Ē continues Mr. Movshovich.

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