Tyronne Jacques Announces RemoveSlander.com Is Going Public

Tyronne Jacques CEO of RemoveSlander.com has announced that he plans to take the Reputation Management firm public in 2012.

Online PR News – 26-September-2011 – – RemoveSlander.com: Tyronne Jacques Announce RemoveSlander.com Is Going Public
New Orleans La

Tyronne Jacques CEO of RemoveSlander.com has announced that he plans to take the Reputation Management firm public in 2012. RemoveSlander.com has received national attention for their mug shot removal service and has also become one of the leading reputation management firms in the country.

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Tyronne Jacques is currently having the mug shot removal firmed apprised in preparation for the public offering of shares. Since the first quarter of 2011 RemoveSlander.com has seen a surge in requests for their mug shot removal services. With the increase popularity of mug shot sites like Florida.Arrest.org and Bustedmugshots.com, RemoveSlander.com has established themselves as one of the most trusted mug shot removal firms in the industry.

Tyronne Jacques says his first intention was to place the firm up for sale in order to gauge the net worth of the firm, but once sales increased he decided that a public offering was a better fit for the future financial goals of the firm.

“We are experiencing a rapid growth in our sales mainly due to our customer satisfaction numbers and the effectiveness of our services. When you arrive at the point when the only people with anything bad to say about you are your competitors then I would say you are set to dominate your industry.”

Tyronne Jacques went on to say that he is very excited that RemoveSlander.com is now set to go public and he feels very confident the firm will far exceed expectations. Remove Slander.com specializes in removing negative content off the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The firm has received rave reviews because they only charge their clients on flat price to remove multiple mug shot photos and links.

Tyronne Jacques is also the author of the top selling reputation management book "How To Fight Google And Win."

If you would like to receive more information about the public offering of RemoveSlander.com or to contact Tyronne Jacques please visit their website at http://www.RemoveSlander.com

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