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Staying up to date with the latest news about your friends or just simply meeting new ones is truly easier in

Online PR News – 27-September-2011 – New York, New York – Staying up to date with the latest news about your friends or just simply meeting new ones is truly easier in

Mezee is a social networking tool which offers you free chat on the Web. The private Mezee chat rooms immediately connect thousands of its members and their friends around the world at the click of a mouse.

It also has a great feature called the Chat News Feed. It is the 'central chat room' which enables the real-time exchange of photos, videos, comments, and web links to be a breeze. A special perk unique with Mezee is that it allows sharing of media information to the entire network without the need to be a friend or a follower of the user who uploaded the information. Everyone can jump in and join in the lively discussion.

The Chat News Feed provides total freedom for its members, a privilege that is closely being protected by Mezee to maintain a safe and fun social environment for everyone.
To enjoy a dynamic chat experience in Mezee, simply sign up for an account and create your profile. Immediate access to create a chat room is given after you have confirmed your registration. Have confidence that your profile including your photos, videos, surveys, friends list, and status are guarded by Mezee using their updated utilities to maintain your privacy.

Do you want to be alerted on who commented on your post? You can setup your Mezee account to notify you right away via email when another user replies back to your post.

Mezee is meeting the expectations of the enthusiastic online chatters out there every day, thanks to its no fuss interface and quick information exchange.
The need for a desktop chat application has already passed. With, you can chat on the go and stay socially informed always.

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