Invest in Genuine Beauty Products with Beauty HQ

Beauty HQ Store has unveiled a wide range of beauty products for natural skin care and face makeup.

Online PR News – 13-October-2011 – – Auckland, New Zealand – Beauty HQ Store has unveiled a wide range of beauty products for natural skin care and face makeup. Natural cosmetics and hair care products of HQ Store are made of ingredients which that can be trusted and are thus in great demand.

Beauty HQ Store is a leading online store 100% owned and operated in New Zealand encompassing natural skincare, hair care, natural makeup cosmetics and much more in their stock of branded beauty products. They only stock genuine brands, stocked and backed by leading manufacturers. They provide beauty products with ingredients that can be trusted and you can always get back to them if you have any problem.

“We make sure that our customers get only high quality, genuine beauty products as their glowing skin and healthy hair are our reward.” “The varied product ranges we provide have trusted ingredients and thus enhance your beauty in a natural way,” says the Founder of Beauty HQ Store, Sally Marshall.

You can confidently shop at Beauty HQ Store, as they only stock beauty products of genuine brands. They don’t import Asian products or products which are not fully backed by manufacturers. Men’s beauty products and cosmetics are also available in Beauty HQ Store.

About Beauty HQ Store:

Beauty HQ Store, New Zealand’s is an online destination for all beauty and cosmetic needs. They stock only genuine brands. Beauty HQ Store is developed so that New Zealand women can have access to beauty products online. The range of natural makeup, hair care and skincare products in Beauty HQ Store provide an allover appearance makeover to the customer. They do not offer any discount but offer gifts and shopping rewards are given to the customers.

Contact Information
Sally Marshall
PO Box 37249, Parnell
Auckland Auckland, 1151

64-9-09 3041636