Beginner Guitar Lessons Released

This release covers the basic chord progressions and exercises relevant to every guitar player.

Online PR News – 18-January-2010 – – This release covers the basic chord progressions and exercises relevant to every guitar player. Whether you have a good grip of advanced techniques and chords the fundamentals are as important as they are to a beginner.

"The most famous is the 1-2-3-4 exercise of which I am certain you have heard before. But just to be sure I will illustrate the basics of this exercise. The notes you play are the first 4 frets of a string of your choosing, in the progression 1->2->3->4. The left hand fingers you use are all four fingers, one for each fret, index for 1, middle for 2 etc. You should do this exercise about 5-10 minutes a day without break. After you get the idea you can start to improvise and change it” Hober said.

A firm grip of the fundamentals is the trick that professional guitar players all share, the trick that makes it easy for them to play anything that they can think of. In chess a firm grip of the fundamentals will make you defeat a player that has ingenuity on his side, but doesn't know them. It is more important to know what is correct before you use your talent. Even if you see guitar greats vex the fundamentals, it is because they have a very good understanding of them.

"Try different techniques and see what you can figure out. A small tip, when you are playing the guitar, try and never have the same session twice, at some point change a chord, an exercise or whatever; it will make you enjoy it a lot more” Hober advises. He emphasizes the use of intelligence rather than mindless repetition. He does so because guitar playing should be a hobby, something you do to have fun and what fun can you have if you brainlessly repeat the same exercises every day.

Though it is important to be ingenious and creative in your guitar playing, only a firm grip of the fundamentals will give you enough base for actual improvisation.

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