Red Comet Launches Over 35 New Courses on its New Learning Management Platform

Red Comet announced today that it successfully launched over 35 new courses on its new learning management platform. These courses are in all areas of study including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Electives.

Online PR News – 10-December-2011 – – Red Comet’s Accredited Online Learning Program for High School Credit Retrieval and Credit Enhancement launches brand new courses. Red Comet Offers Self-Paced Online High School Courses to all Students in the United States and Several Other Countries. These Courses are Tuition-Free in Washington State.

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PROSSER, WA – Dec 5, 2011 – Red Comet ( announced today that it successfully launched over 35 new courses on its new learning management platform. These courses are in all areas of study including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Electives.

Red Comet students now have a variety of courses to choose from. All core courses and most of the elective courses have the same look and feel thereby delivering a uniform user experience to students who enroll in multiple courses.

The new courses were developed by subject matter experts, multimedia specialists and online content developers from all over the world. They support a variety of multimedia which will allow the student experience to be a lot more interactive, enjoyable and memorable. Students study textual content that is accompanied by several images, videos and animations. Scientific and mathematical concepts are explained in easy-to-understand language using real-world examples. Also, translated versions of all core and most elective courses are available for bi-lingual students. With a click of a button, students can access the Spanish version of the course.

During study, the interactive content in the new courses requires constant engagement by the student. With these new courses, students choose their pace of work, place of work, time of work and method of content exploration – be it visual, textual, auditory, hands-on learning, human-interaction based learning or exploratory based learning.

Throughout the course, practice quizzes support hands-on learning while the various videos, animations and provided links assist students who prefer exploratory-based learning. Wherever possible, instructions and feedback are provided in audio to help auditory learners. With the click of a button, the student can contact a Red Comet teacher with questions. This is a feature especially useful for students who prefer human-based interaction. And at the end of study, students decide for themselves if they are ready to take the final tests or would prefer to re-visit all or some of the material.

Red Comet plans on introducing over 10 more courses in the next few months. These courses have already been developed and are currently in the later stages of production.

“Courses are fully aligned to state standards. Numerous practice test questions included throughout the course content ensure the student has clearly understood the subject matter. The courses emphasize both breadth and depth. Each course delves deeply into a subject matter while covering as many state requirements as possible. Also, the new courses include grade-appropriate content,” said Ms. Sapna Ganeshan, President of Red Comet.

“The newly launched courses require the student to complete multiple practice assignments that will be reviewed by Red Comet teachers. Feedback will be provided to students on the quality and correctness of their submissions. All core courses also include Reading Comprehension assignments that will help the student understand and appreciate viewpoints on various subject matters. In addition to the final tests, students must submit essay compositions that will contribute to the final score,” said Dr. Jay Srinivasan, Managing Director of Red Comet.

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About Red Comet: Red Comet is an online transfer credit program, designed to assist students facing difficulties in attaining credits to graduate from high school. The courses offered meet state standards and requirements. Thanks to this innovative online high school program, students are able to graduate from their own high school, thanks to this innovative program.

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