Odeon Cinemas Announces the Showing of Happy Feet 2 3D

Odeon Cinemas is announcing the playing of the animated, family movie, Happy Feet 2 3D. The animated movie has received a four and a half star rating and stars some wonderful actors such as Robins Williams.

Online PR News – 14-December-2011 – – Odeon Cinemas is announcing the playing of the animated, family movie, Happy Feet 2 IMAX. The animated movie has received a four and a half star rating and stars some wonderful actors including Robins Williams.

Happy Feet 2 3D is was released in February of 2011. The movie is directed by George Miller and distributed by Warner Bros Distributors Ltd. Total running time of the film is 103 minutes. , and the film start Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, and Sofia Vergara.

Happy Feet 2 3D is a sequel to the animated smash hit, Happy Feet. In Happy Feet 2 3D sequel, the audience returns to the chill climes of the Antarctica in magnificent 3D. The film is an amazing family film that features a magnificent amount of love, and how, with love from the help of your friends, you can overcome many obstacles, and go a long way.

The plot features Mumble, a penguin that dances and his young son Erik. When Erik is afraid to dance Mumble discovers that Erik was born with two left feet. The young penguin is totally ashamed of his condition and runs away from his home in shame. A flying penguin, Mighty Sven takes the young boy under his wing, and Mumble soon slips down the pecking order. It is a story that touches the heart and one that will be loved by all ages.

The film is intended to bring families closer together and to uplift their spirits. For families with young children, it is a must see. The message of the film is to set differences aside and work together to help those in need.

Composer of the film's music is John Powell and the choreographer is Wayne Robson.

Happy Feet 2 3D is currently being shown at Odeon Cinemas throughout the U.K. Odeon Cinemas offers the ultimate experience in 3D and IMAX. For those that are interested in taking in Happy Feet 2 3D the cinema offers many special perks, such as their Discount Tuesday for Odeon Premiere Club members, Family Deals and Teen Discounts. There are also many other perks that the cinema offers such as great sweepstakes featuring trips and hotel stays.

Odeon Cinemas is a leader in the industry and one that is not only bringing members of the communities in the U.K. the best and latest movies, such as, Happy Feet 2 3D, but is offering one of the most pleasant film watching experiences is a very comfortable setting.

Families with children can enjoy the Odeon's special fun for kids Happy Feet 2 film feast that began November 25th of 2011. The film feast that is especially designed for children to get the best experience out of watching Happy Feet 2 includes a soft drink, popcorn, a yummy choice of snack and a Happy Feet 2 lunch box for only 3.50. Should the parent opt for just the lunch box, it can be purchased for separately for 1.50.

Also on sale are the Limited Edition Happy Feet 2 3D glasses, which make great stock stuffers for children and can be purchased at the Odeon for 1.99.

Enjoy Happy Feet 2 IMAX experience at Odeon cinemas. Find the nearest Odeon cinema in your location at Odeon.co.uk and book tickets instantly to avail of exciting gift offers available on the site.

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