Ciafo Launches Wayr, An App For Sharing Location Over SMS

Wayr is a simple-to-use location update service that can work without an internet connection and can deliver updates even to feature phones.

Online PR News – 14-December-2011 – – Bangalore based consumer web products startup Ciafo has launched Wayr, a location sharing mobile app for Symbian devices that works over SMS. In addition to standard location sharing, Wayr provides support for scheduling updates into the future, giving consumers a new choice compared to the either one-time or always-on location sharing available till now.

While popular location sharing apps have existed for a while now, majority of them need users to have an internet connection, be opted-in, and use the same app at both the ends. Wayr has created a disruptively simple solution for this painful problem. By communicating location over a SMS/text message, Wayr has ensured that the location can be shared even when the receiver does not have the app installed, or even when an internet connection is unavailable.

Amarpreet Kalkat, the chief designer for Wayr said “We were very clear from the beginning that we wanted to build an effective utility. There are many lifestyle location sharing apps on the market, so we wanted to build something that works in scenarios where they don’t.”

Usefulness of Wayr
For consumers, Wayr is handy in multiple scenarios. It acts as a safety tool for women who need to travel at odd hours and as a useful option for parents who might want to keep a check on their child’s whereabouts. It is also a trustworthy companion for lone travellers who need to keep their family and friends automatically informed about their location, without having to message them up every hour.

Wayr is currently available for Nokia devices and can be downloaded from

Wayr Lite
Wayr Lite is the free version of Wayr. It provides the user with the same core functionality as the paid version of Wayr does, but without the automated scheduling option. Wayr Lite has been available on Ovi Store since July 2011 and can be downloaded from

About Ciafo
Ciafo is a technology startup based out of Bangalore, India. Founded in 2010, it primarily builds consumer focused web and mobile web products. Prior to Wayr, Ciafo has released Travelomy, a next-generation travel guide for South Asia.

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Contact Information
Amarpreet Kalkat
+91 80 41425263