AjaxUnion.com Launches New Daily Classifieds Plan for Small Business Search Engine Marketing

SEO Company Ajax Union has launched its newest service, a daily classifieds plan, to help small businesses improve their search engine marketing efforts and target potential clients.

Online PR News – 17-December-2011 – – Ajax Union - an internet marketing agency available at http://ww.AjaxUnion.com - is promoting its daily classifieds plan, the company's newest small business online marketing service. Using Craigslist and other popular classified sites, the daily plan enables clients to boost their search engine rankings while directly reaching out to new leads.

“Having a search engine marketing plan is incredibly important for small businesses, and implementing daily classifieds is a great way for companies to increase their online marketing efforts. Craigslist receives 20 billion page views each month, with 50 million users in the U.S. Additionally, search engines such as Google pick up on these listings quickly, which allows customers to easily find businesses through these keyword-rich postings,” said Elizabeth Apfelbaum, Vice President of Operations.

Ajax Union’s daily classified plan provides a simple and affordable way for businesses to target potential clients. Using classifieds, Ajax Union is able to place keyword-rich ads in the categories and cities most relevant to their clients' businesses for targeted small business internet marketing.

In addition to connecting with users through Craigslist and other services, this new local internet marketing plan helps to improve Ajax Union's clients' presences on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as these postings are quickly indexed by Google. This means that companies are not only reaching potential customers who are browsing for their services on classified sites, but also connecting with customers who are searching keywords relevant to their products or services.

On the plan, Ajax Union creates 20 unique ads for clients. Each ad features keyword-driven text, in addition to anchor text links leading to clients' websites, an industry-recognized technique for improving rankings on Google and other engines. Ajax Union posts a new ad every day, monitoring the listings so that any flagged ads are promptly replaced. As with its other services, the search engine agency provides its clients with daily updates on the progress and activities of the plan.

To track the success of the daily ads, internet marketing company employs Google Analytics. Ajax Union creates a unique URL for use in the ads, which allows the company to identify all traffic coming from the listings. With this reporting, clients can monitor their traffic and ensure that the daily classifieds plan is making positive progress.

To learn more about Ajax Union and the small business internet marketing plans available, visit http://www.AjaxUnion.com or call (800)-594-0444.

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