Evan Wechman Launches a New Website for God on Trial

God on Trial is a novella that deals with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and draws a link between the disease and religion.

Online PR News – 11-January-2012 – – CLARKSTOWN, New York, 3rd January, 2012: Evan Wechman, the author of God on Trial, announced the launch of a new website for his book. God on Trial was published on December 14, 2011 by Xlibris Corporation. The new website was launched in an endeavor to promote the book and its core ideas.

God on Trial is a novella that deals with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and draws a link between the disease and religion. Steve, the protagonist of the novella, is a secular Jew who suffers from chronic anxiety disorder and feels overwhelmed by the rituals which consume most of his time. While he tries to rid himself of the disorder, he questions the existence of God. The book, at a level, pits one religion against the other.

Although the novella is fictional, Wechman has been able to delineate the character and his suffering realistically as he himself suffers from OCD. He was motivated to write this book because of a television show called Monk, which treated the disorder in a lighthearted manner, not giving OCD the attention it warranted. In an endeavor to counter this issue, Wechman created an artwork that was fast and frightful.

According to Evan Wechman, his primary inspiration for the book was his parents. To this end, the book also depicts the parents of the mentally ill Steve comprehensively. The parents have been portrayed to be attempting desperately to reach out to their son with understanding and caring.

Wechman’s parents are accomplished teachers who have managed their careers, despite setbacks at the familial end. “They always persevered and that is the key to my success. To persevere, no matter what happens or gets in the way,” says Wechman.

About Evan Wechman: Graduating from the University of Delaware, Evan Wechman became aware of his OCD when at college. Although he lost control with several levels of reality, he managed to bag the Dean's List 7 out of 8 semesters. He also had a 3.7 G.P.A. Wechman has always been fascinated with the study of faith and its connections with religion. His debilitating disorder and his exposure to several faiths qualifies him to write about the diseases and religion. Wechman had also written Love and Madness, which was published in 2007.

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