Oceanroc Web Publishing Announces Price Reduction on its Amazon bestseller -The Best Japanese Fairy T

Oceanroc Web Publishing has announced the reduction of the price of itís popular Amazon Kindle best seller, The Best Japanese Fairy Tales - Legends & Mythology From The Far East.

Online PR News – 20-January-2012 – – Oceanroc Web Publishing recently reduced the price of its bestseller The Best Japanese Fairy Tales - Legends & Mythology from the Far East from $2.99 to $0.99. Since its release in November, The Best Japanese Fairy Tales has been a staple on Amazon bestseller lists for fiction e-books. The e-book is available for download here http://www.amazon.com/Nicholas-Dixon/e/B0034PL6QK.

ďI was pleasantly surprised at the level of interest that the e-book has generated since its release to the public. I must say that the reading publicís interest in historical fiction is very encouraging,Ē says Nicholas Dixon, President of Oceanroc Web Publishing.

The Best Japanese Fairy Tales - Legends & Mythology From The Far East is a collection of Japanese fairy tales, myths and legends that have been popular amongst the Japanese people for years.

About Oceanroc Web Publishing: Oceanroc Web Publishing operates as a publisher of classic recipes and short stories. OWP started out in 2001 as a publisher of online articles, websites and blogs before before becoming a publisher of ebooks which are geared towards readers who read exclusively on the different ereaders currently on the market. Visit our Amazon page here http://www.amazon.com/Nicholas-Dixon/e/B0034PL6QK

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