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5 Star Medical has just launched an online portal and is excited to announce the offering of innovative suggestions, products and solutions dedicated to improve lifestyles of young and old.

Online PR News – 21-January-2012 – – Charleston, SC 5 Star Medical has just launched an online portal and is excited to announce the offering of innovative suggestions, products and solutions dedicated to improve lifestyles of young and old. 5 Star Medical provides good quality online resources for health treatment options and available medical supplies.

The focus is on natural health treatment options. 5 Star will be one of the leading industry providers by staying at the cutting edge of natural health treatment options and ways that improve quality of life for those dealing with health related issues.

5 Star goals are to provide solutions based on the needs and interests of those currently dealing with health related issues and those who want to avoid these issues by staying informed.

Over time, as we age, we all will experience loss of muscle to some degree. This loss of muscle can be treated with certain exercise and the muscle use restored. One of the issues faced by many is incontinence which can definitely have negative effects on lifestyle. By implementing a simple exercise routine which strengthens the PC muscles everyday these muscles can be strengthened. The routine only takes about 5 minutes and can have an incredible improvement in just a few weeks time.

Some common skin disorders of those who wear diapers for adult( http://www.5-star-medical.com/Adult_Diapers-Briefs.html ) or incontinence pads( http://www.5-star-medical.com/Liners.html ) may include adult diaper rash. In most cases, treating adult diaper rash( http://www.5-star-medical.com/Treating_Adult_Diaper_Rash.html ) skin problems can easily be accomplished by using good quality products and applying topical ointments to restore the skin.

Another health treatment option is often simple adjustments in ones diet habits. Simply avoiding unhealthy foods and beverages can result in a tremendous improvement in health in a very short period of time. Simple diet adjustments have benefitted many that were struggling with health issues for years and are now living quality lifestyles.

Memory and general health can both be linked to diet, activity and weight. A change in diet and increase in exercise will often trigger memory improvement. You may find yourself being able to recall things you once had trouble remembering once implementing healthy changes in diet and an increase in exercise.

The 5 Star Medical online portal offers practical suggestions, products and solutions dedicated to living a quality lifestyle. Always follow the advice of your healthcare professional but also look at you different options as well. When you find a conflict in the information you are given, find out why.

Medication or surgery can sometimes be an effective solution but many times it is prescribed but not the best solution. 5 Star does not in any way give medical advice and is not intended to act as a medical consultant in any way. As with any medical advice always consult your physician.

Online resources for natural health treatment options are readily available. When evaluating treatment options it is always practical to look at your different options. Use natural health treatment options when they make the most sense and seem to be the best option.

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