SEO Company Pakistan named SEO Specialist by Canada’s leading Real Estate Broker

Mr. Andrew Hill – Canadian leading Real Estate Broker has awarded SEO Company as SEO Specialist in award ceremony for leading Real Estate brokers in Toronto Canada. Andrew said success always seemed too far away without help

Online PR News – 04-February-2010 – – Mr. Andrew Hill – Canadian leading Real Estate Broker has awarded SEO Company as SEO Specialist in award ceremony for leading Real Estate brokers in Toronto Canada. Andrew said success always seemed too far away without help

I am very happy to announce that this award ceremony is going to award most reliable real estate agencies in Canada which are reselling our services across Canada but I also want to bring in everyone’s notice how from a small website I became trillions dollar businessman and I do not see this success without the most talented SEO Company

Mr. Irshad Khan that is representing SEO Company in United States and Canada was present in this award ceremony which has received the Best SEO Company and SEO Specialist award from Andrew Hill which is the main body of Real Estate Brokers in Toronto Canada.

During Andrews interview he states, I still remember the old days whilst I was just thinking on how to be Toronto’s most leading businessman, No doubt it was just a home based business and I am happy to announce as much as I struggled in being the main Real Estate Firm in Canada, this most talented SEO Company has worked much more than I just did to reach this destination.

I am aware of the fact that back in 2007 I hired SEO Company for my new website design and website development which has not only provided me a website with maximum functions and features and listing system but also made it appear totally different than other well established Real estate agencies based in Toronto Canada.

After providing User and search engine (seo) optimized website designing and website development service they not only helped me on how to get other important features such as Live Chat and Newsletter but they have designed and developed a brand new MLS system which has took my business to the next level, I must also appreciate our Agent and reseller system which they have designed and developed for me and an eye catchy content management system which has helped me as many agents in number of places in Canada I was looking for.

Gone are the days when you find such professional search engine marketing and advertising companies but Thanks to Luqman (Head of their company) which has personally came to see me and informed about the number of benefits I may enjoy using their search engine optimization and search engine marketing services. Since I was already happy with everything this website design and website development company done for me, I approved all their suggestions and we started a new chapter of our working relationship in Andrew Hill’s Real Estate Agency

In around 2 months time they have provided me an amazing Real Estate Forum which was the main thing and a Real Estate blog which has been published by SEO Company on daily basis, day after day, we kept receiving number of customer inquiries for sale, purchase and even rent and for the number of real estate agents in Canada which was happy to re-sell our services.

Honestly, this was search engine optimization and search engine marketing which has helped me get top search engine rankings on the world’s most competitive keywords and key-phrases which has not only helped us just be visible in top of the search engines, but they driven loads of business inquiries our way and as we are enjoying our 6th birthday I wish to tell everyone, it was not me and my team alone, but this Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing company and They are the SEO Specialists and my most talented SEO Company which made me Canada’s most reliable Andrew Hill.

At the end of this celebration, Mr. Irshad Khan has been congratulated and given the SEO Specialist award as well as Andrew signed 2 years continues agreement for their SEO Services, Mr. Irshad Thanked everyone and announced back in Pakistan (Our Headquarter), we have started a night shift and hired more than 23-people last month to provide all our American and Canadian clients with top notch SEO Services.

He also said, we have recently hired 5 new Search engine optimizers and Search engine marketers to provide our USA and Canadian clients with fast customer support we are known for as well as hired new website design and website development team to provide all our Real Estate customers and customers from other business categories with first class web design and web development services, and with the huge team we have now, we have already announced low cost seo pricing and seo packages which would help loads of customers not only in America and Canada but also in many other parts of world enjoy our SEO services which would send customers your way, He said, top search engine rankings in Google and other search engine’s would add life to your web and we know how to diver the market place to your business.

Andrew thanked Irshad Khan for traveling all the way from USA to Canada and said, He wishes to continue their working relationship for as long as Andrew Hill Real Estate brokerage service exists.

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