Dave Ramsey Caught Lying To His Followers, Says Top Gold Pay

New book accuses Dave Ramsey of telling a lie that is costing Americans millions, says Brad Gilmore.

Online PR News – 03-February-2012 – Nashville, TN – Long time gold investor and author, Brad Gilmore, has released a new book entitled, Insider Secrets to Making Money with Gold. In it, he claims that financial guru Dave Ramsey has been lying to his followers about gold in order to make even more money.

I’ve seen how this industry works and how the public is not being told the truth and its time for that to change

“It’s a shame that Dave Ramsey is taking advantage of the trust of his listeners. I’ve seen how this industry works and how the public is not being told the truth and it's time for that to change” stated Gilmore. “People need to know that there are legitimate ways to buy gold at discounted prices and sell it for almost full market value, not like the 40 to 60 percent that these mail in gold companies and pawn shops pay.” Gilmore is referring to a company called Gold Stash, which is endorsed by Dave Ramsey on his website and his popular radio show. Gilmore seems to be spilling the beans about the gold industry in his book.

He explains, “These are the things that gold companies don’t want you to know about. It’s how they make their money at the seller’s expense. But this economy is just too rough for people to be getting ripped off. That’s why I wrote this book.” Gilmore owns a company called Top Gold Pay and offers his groundbreaking book on his website, www.topgoldpay.com . It seems that people have been kept in the dark about what their gold is really worth. Gilmore’s book explains everything a person needs to know about buying and selling gold, and he wants everyone to know about it. “This is just the kind of information that America needs right now. It could be the difference between foreclosure, or staying in your home. The big gold companies don’t need the money, but hard working Americans do. This book gives them that chance.”

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