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Jeunesse Global by (Malaysia) features a premier line of anti-aging and health-based products that has stem-cell tech anti-aging supplements and nutrition, and beauty products for wealth, total health, and well-being.

Online PR News – 05-February-2012 – – P.Jaya, Malaysia Jeunesse Global by (Malaysia) is a new health and anti-aging product company that offers customers a new means to participate in the Jeunesse experience without having to spend exorbitantly. Jeunesse Global is a state-of-the-art Research and development company that has been researching, producing and manufacturing a line of powerful super-products that is fast becoming recognized in the anti-aging and health/well-being industry. The term "Jeunesse" is eponymous as 'youth' in French. This is because the company is a pioneer in Stem-cell technology and anti-aging serum that repairs and restores youth.

Jeunesse is highly specialized in External anti-aging solutions which includes Luminesce, a line of serum and moisturizing creams as well as internal anti-aging supplements, which consists of age-defying superfoods that contain Resveratrol, Such as Red Grapes, Blueberries, Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Green Tea, Grape Seed, Cherry Juice, Grape seed, Aloe Vera. Jeunesse's Stem-cell technology based products contain no actual stem-cells, however they contain derivatives, such as interleukins, cytokines, regulatory proteins, enzyms, and more tha 200+ human anti-aging and growth factors in a suspended solution. Suffice to say, Jeunesse Global's products line attacks the cause of aging and not just the symptoms. is a Jeunesse Global Affiliate and we have created a product catalogue store for Jeunesse products that provides cheaper than average products at unbeatable prices that are proprietary of Jeunesse. We acquired distributorship rights for Jeunesse Global products on January of 2012 and are determined to push the products to a reach wider market. is unique in that regard because it also features a wide variety of health-based products from various other network marketing companies. We are inclined to only present the cream of the crop when it comes to products and opportunities. Our group is very conscientious and we do our due diligence to investigate a company's network marketing system, corporate background, and product claims before we promote it. This protects our readers and followers from dubious and risky opportunities or even hazardous products.

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