Customers looking for low cost ways to illuminate their homes now have all the options they need, thanks to an online lighting company called Gladiator Lighting.

Online PR News – 04-February-2010 – – Brighter Light And Lower Costs For Longer Thanks To HID Bulbs

Carson City, NV, USA: Customers looking for low cost ways to illuminate their homes now have all the options they need, thanks to an online lighting company called Gladiator Lighting.

The company has created a website which sells a wide range of energy efficient light bulbs. These include HID bulbs, which have a distinct range of benefits to the consumer.

“Nowadays it is more important than ever to buy the right light bulbs,” says John Jackiewicz, a spokesman for Gladiator Lighting. “Older style bulbs are being replaced by new energy efficient ones, and the range is big enough that you can find everything you need and save money at the same time.”

Gladiator Lighting provides all kinds of more specialized bulbs such as HID bulbs, which provide a much brighter light and also operate at a lower cost. The company has an extensive range of bulbs, plus other items necessary for HID lighting such as ballast kits. This means customers can get everything they need in the one place, rather than having to shop in several different places.

“We always make sure we have a good range of HID bulbs in stock at all times,” adds John Jackiewicz. “As time goes on and more people discover what HID bulbs can offer them, more and more people are buying lights that take HID bulbs. They give out much more light than other light fittings typically do, and they are also ideal for exterior needs around the home. If you need a good strong light on your front porch for example, or one around the back of your home as a security measure, a HID light is ideal for this. It also offers great value for money and it tends to last a long time as well.”

Customers can also take advantage of regular deals on various types of lighting offered on the site. The home page has a column on the right which shows all different kinds of deals, some of which offer a considerable discount on the regular price. Since these change every month there is the potential to save a lot of money over time no matter what bulbs the customer requires.

“We always offer the best deals we can,” says John. “And since we also offer free shipping on orders which are over a certain value as well, customers can buy in bulk and save even more money as well. Some customers buy all the HID bulbs and other items they need to stock up on all their bulbs in advance.”

Gladiator Lighting is based in Carson City, Nevada. They have all kinds of light bulbs for sale, incandescent bulbs, HID bulbs and fluorescent tubes. They also have special money saving deals every month, offering popular bulbs of all kinds at lower prices. Their website is located at Full information on all their lighting ranges is available here.

To get hold of more information about Gladiator Lighting and all the different light bulbs and tubes they have for sale, contact John Jackiewicz on (800) 581-8705. Alternatively you can visit

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