Brazil Bahia Property Expand Their Website

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil ó Brazil Bahia Property is the Bahia regionís premiere estate agency boasting an impressive 600+ properties including land, beachfront property, condominiums, apartments, houses.

Online PR News – 18-February-2012 – – London, UK ( onlineprnews ) February 17, 2012 - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil — Brazil Bahia Property is the Bahia region's premiere estate agency boasting an impressive 600+ properties including land, beachfront property, condominiums, apartments, houses. As they expand their business into the international market, their website — — has undergone a recent major overhaul.

New additions to the site include an interactive map, advanced search, hot properties, and saved properties options. Each of these changes has made the site much more navigable and provides users with a uniquely tailored website experience.

Easier Brazil Property Searches

When using the interactive map, visitors can click on a specific region or town for more information on properties which are available for sale. By clicking on different locations, other towns and regions can be added to the search query, saving the user the time of having to search through a lengthy menu of place names.

Using the dropdown menu below the map to navigate through the locations will make the map skip over to the selected region. Navigation within the map itself can be controlled by clicking on the links in the map, or by clicking the white arrows to scroll to either side.

The text only advanced search feature and the interactive map simplify a user's experience by allowing them to view specific regions to find a property which suits their needs. These searches allow users to select multiple property types, towns, and amenities so that prospective buyers can find a property tailored to their geographical and aesthetic interests.

As an added convenience for their customers, properties may now be sorted by price or town, and users may specify the number of results they would like to see appear on the page.

A Hot Properties feature has also been added to the site which links users to a page of popular properties in a single click.

Save Your Searches And Favourite Properties

Brazil Bahia Properties has also introduced a function which gives users the ability to save their searches and favourite properties for up to a week without having to join the site. Users can then email Brazil Bahia Property( ) a list of the properties they have saved as an enquiry with comments on each property if so desired.

Sell Your Bahia Property

Property owners in the Bahia region can now upload their own property's details if they are interested in offering their property for sale. This can be done by using Brazil Bahia's Sell Your Brazilian Property( ) option. These details should include images and a descriptive narrative to give potential buyers a feel for the property and the location.

With years of experience offering luxury properties for sale in the Bahia region, both sellers and buyers will be pleasantly suprised by what has to offer.


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