ICEA Celebrates 25th Anniversary with the Iceality Silver Revelation

On the occasion of its 25th Anniversary, the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) is expanding its community connections and celebrating new creative partnerships through the 'ICEALITY SILVER REVELATION'.

Online PR News – 17-March-2012 – – "ICEALITY SILVER REVELATION"
"What would happen if we took all the love, anger, talent, experience, creativity, resources and energy we have in the Community and focus it into just One Positive Challenge that could benefit the ‘Real World’ as we know it?” asks Ambassador Renate.
“What kind of influential revelations would we come up that would lead to just one Positive Action being made locally towards a sustainable global Culture of Peace?”

ICEA has already achieved significant success towards Peace with its veteran programming for targeted Ohio communities through its “Great American Peace Trail” and COASTWEEKS Projects. The interesting blend of works displayed by the two projects illustrates walls and connecting bonds between people and the process of understanding the complexities of our socio-cultural identity. The creation of the award-winning Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) Project exhibits creative power and aesthetic aura in a collective tranquil vibe of creativity that reflects the sojourn towards cultural diversity at local, national and international levels.

ICEA Founders and American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca said all three projects share a common goal to connect with all the communities. “As a veteran NGO, we regularly share our expertise and capability with other like-minded organizations,” Ambassador Renate said. “We look forward to forging new opportunities with the 2012 ICEALITY SILVER REVELATION partnership by opening new doors and strengthening existing connections so that everyone may benefit.”

The formation of a coalition agreement between new partners will further broaden its reach into diverse business and political communities that provide a significant important proportion of the population:
Specifically, ICEA is seeking to petition the Federal Government to administer and help fund the building of the coast-to-coast GREAT AMERICAN PEACE TRAIL. This program would be very similar to the Great Depression Era New Deal Works Progress Administration (WPA) Program called the Federal Art Project (FAP). Almost every community in the United States has parks or green spaces which would benefit from this program, especially rural and inter-city areas that would provide positive local community guidance for the youth and jobs for the unemployed who are able to work.

"This would be a unique period in developing World history. The legacy left by building the "Great American Peace Trail" will live on through the social media of the youth of America and connect with all the Worlds Children," says Ambassador Renate. “The shared vision of the three projects will encourage the creation of a global agenda which includes people from the cultural, environmental and the humanities communities, foster the development of new work, and will commit to a social inclusion of a sustainable Culture of Peace through the 'ICEALITY SILVER REVELATION”.

Opportunities for new collaborations in between the three projects are already underway.

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