Desperate Housewives stars Charlie and Max carver on Twitter.

Desperate Housewives stars Charlie and Max carver on Twitter.

Online PR News – 13-February-2010 – – Desperate Housewife's stars Charlie and Max carver on Twitter. The

two hunk stars have been confirmed by Max carver who posted an

image of himself holding a sign. Max and charlie's spokes person had

said" The twins are happy to connect to their fans, they have

Facebook but a lot of people wanted to see them on twitter so they

finally decided to join twitter. The twins are more than happy to be

on twitter. The most active twin is Max carver, he likes to update

on his mobile a lot but when he has the time he likes to twitter on

his PC. Max says " I enjoy using twitter when i have the time" Mean

while charlie is more of a busy twin who likes to act and work at

school. He does update his twitter a few times a week and always

tries to reply to his fans when they tweed him. Charlie said "

Twitter is good because you can keep your fans updated on what you

are doing or plan to do so i think it is really fun" Follow them

today Max Carver- Charlie Carver-

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