KritiKal Solutions is attending DEFEXPO India 2012

KritiKal Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a technology design house, specializing in outsourced product design and R&D, has announced that it will be attending DEFEXPO 2012, to be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from March 31st to April 1.

Online PR News – 29-March-2012 – Noida – KritiKal Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a technology design house, specializing in outsourced product design and R&D, has announced that it will be attending DEFEXPO 2012, to be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from March 31st to April 1. The main objective of the event is to promote defence exports from India and exhibit the capabilities of Indian defence R&D and production on a large platform.
KritiKal - a Military/Security & Civil Technology Combine - has several offerings in the field of Video Analytics, Surveillance and Secure communication solutions.
KritiKalís Aerial Imaging Engine comprises range of software modules which can be integrated with smart cameras on UAVs or used in control rooms for surveillance. The Aerial Mosaic engine, developed for a leading Defence research lab in India, performs selective mosaic of video data without manual interaction. Change Detection and Intruder Surveillance module, is useful in detecting and reporting intrusion and covert clandestine movement in restricted and sensitive areas of vital importance. Trazer, an automatic traffic analyser and enumerator, can track vehicles, tanks, air-crafts or humans. It is an ideal tool for identifying, tracking stolen or suspicious vehicles across the city. Zenscan Ė KritiKalís Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) scans the underbody of vehicles to check for bombs, narcotics or other unauthorized objects. This is essential at hi-security entry/exits, even for trusted vehicles because underbodies may be misused for planting such objects (by coming though manholes or at traffic lights for example).In the field of Biometric security, KritiKal has developed a platform for managing identities based on fingerprint authorization. This system again has dual use applications for military security and surveillance, banking, academia, or any commercial office/factory set up. This system can also be integrated with the door control systems allowing the entry of only the authorized persons.
KritiKal Solutions also ensures robust hardening against possible cyber-attacks as its design mandate for secure communication solutions. Bulk Encryption Unit (BEU) designed by KritiKal is a secure communication solution that uses mathematically proven proprietary stream cipher algorithms for encrypting and decrypting high speed messages up to 40 Mbps. It is a cost effective and compact solution both for encryption and decryption. KritiKalís Okapi is an innovative software module that can convert any standard-off-the-shelf server class hardware to an enterprise-class router. It comes with all modern security features to ensure that the data going through remains authentic, safe and secure. Voice and Data Multiplexing Module, designed by KritiKal can be used in a digital EPABX system to send voice and data traffic between two points over an E1 link, providing 8 Mbps total bandwidth. This is helpful in providing internet and telephone facilities to military personnel located in difficult terrains, where construction of a complete communication exchange is not feasible.
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About KritiKal: KritiKal is a technology design house focused on Embedded System Design and Real Time Computer Vision and Imaging Solutions. Its expertise lies in System Architectural design & development right from requirements stage to market ready products. It has an impressive portfolio of product designs using FPGAs; 8 bit to 32 bit microprocessors; bus architectures like SPI, I2C, CAN, PCIe/PCI-X etc; and Embedded Operating Systems like Linux, VxWorks, ThreadX etc. KritiKalís domain expertise extends to network routers, modems, telecom protocol firmware, cameras etc. KritiKal also specializes in real-time video processing solutions. This involves research and development of pattern recognition and other image processing/computer vision algorithms and software, selection of Imaging Sensors, Cameras and Image Digitization Circuitry, Lighting, Placement, Mounting and the right processing platform for the Software Development and Integration with other Electronic or Electro-Mechanical Systems.

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