Stargazer Video Chat Aims To Cure Loneliness By Revealing The Benefits Of Online Dating In The UK

Online dating and video chat rooms website, Stargazer Video Chat, published a set of key benefits of online dating services to help singles in London and the UK find love and romance.

Online PR News – 04-April-2012 – London, UK – For UK singles life can be a very lonely and unfulfilling experience. Without that special person to share a life with, many men and women are often left feeling isolated and empty. Andre Starr, the founder of Stargazer video chat, believes that the situation in London is further compounded by the vast size of the city and a busy life style of its inhabitants.

“Living alone in the UK can be a very lonely existence,” said Andre Starr. “Englishmen have a reputation of being shy, and the problem is exaggerated in London where high costs of living means that all too many individuals are focused on their work and careers. There is little time left over for socializing and finding that special person to share a life with.”

Many Londoners are likely to be able to relate to the sentiments of Starr, who believes that city life in London contributes to neglected relationships.

By using the advances of Internet and availability of video chat rooms, UK singles can meet people that they would never have otherwise come across throughout the course of their life.

“There are so many people in London that it would seem that one would have no trouble making friends or finding a perfect match. But this is simply not the case. The shear volume of people in this city can in fact make it a very lonely place. There are not many places in the world where you can be surrounded by so many people, with so much going on, and feel totally alone,” said Starr.

To help Londoners find love, happiness, and romance, Stargazer Video Chat has published a set of key online dating benefits. By showcasing the benefits of online dating, the website hopes that singles in the UK can take matters into their own hands and find their perfect partner.

Personality matching is a key feature behind many online dating services. Online dating websites use state of the art technology to match up singles based upon profile information and data provided in signup questionnaires. In many cases this can be a powerful way to ensure that individuals are only introduced to people that they are likely to be compatible with. Alternatively, video chat sites like Stargazer Video Chat do not emphasize profiles, but rather focus on bringing singles into a casual chat room environment where men and women can see and interact with each other using live cams, making it easier to meet a potential mate.

Online video chat and live cams are the key features for the introverted romance hopefuls as it allows them to see and talk to people in a comfort of their home. Video chat helps people to find a good match before meeting someone in person.

It is often a humiliating experience to be rejected by someone in person, but according to Starr, rejection is much easier to handle online. “If someone is not interested then they simply do not reply to your messages and close your webcam. It is a much gentler form of rejection than in person,” said Starr.

By using the advances of Internet and availability of video chat rooms, UK singles can meet people that they would never have otherwise come across throughout the course of their life. This can often lead to successful long distance relationships or just having a new online friend to chat to. Online dating in the UK is on the rise, and more and more singles now taking matters into their own hands and come find love and friendship on Stargazer Video Chat.

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