DrugRehab.info Is Pleased to Announce the Release of Its New Website

DrugRehab.info is pleased to announce that it has released a new website.

Online PR News – 07-April-2012 – Paradise Valley, Arizona – March 27, 2012: DrugRehab.info is pleased to announce that it has released a new website. This website provides those who are looking to rehabilitate themselves from drugs or alcohol the opportunity to find a rehab facility that is close to home or wherever they would like to go. Getting over a drug or alcohol addiction is not something that is easy for most people. If taking the step to finding a rehab facility that will work best for you is difficult, the odds you will actually go to rehab decreases. DrugRehab.info makes it easy.

The DrugRehab.info website focuses on helping drug and alcohol users to find the facility that will work best for them. Location is just part of the struggle of finding a facility. At DrugRehab.info, you will be able to use a variety of search terms, such as your ability to pay, insurance coverage and type of addiction so you can locate a facility that is the most likely to help you with your issue.

According to the website’s Senior Account Manager, Jack Rodgers, “Our first goal has been to give our potential users clear and concise manners with which to locate the resources that will help them find recovery as efficiently as possible.” Because people are searching the Internet for rehab facilities without much success, DrugRehab.info was designed to help people find what they need, whether they are searching on a computer or some other mobile device. The site is optimized so anyone can find what they need regardless of the technology they use to look.

If you need to find a rehab facility, visit the DrugRehab.info website or call a Narconon professional at 1-888-297-3625.

About DrugRehab.info: DrugRehab.info is a website designed to help those who need help quitting drug and other harmful habits to find a rehab facility that works best for them. The user-friendly website will help anyone find the help they need, whether they are looking for themselves or for a friend or family member who needs help.

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