Appleberrys Outdoor Ovens Launch Online Shop

Alfresco Ovens, designers and manufacturers of the Appleberrys Outdoor Oven have recently launched a new website and online shop. The wood fired oven can be used to smoke, slow cook, barbecue and roast all types of food.

Online PR News – 11-April-2012 – Caythorpe – Alfresco Ovens are the designers and manufacturers of the Appleberrys Outdoor Oven. The wood fired oven can be used to smoke, slow cook, barbecue and roast all types of food.

The impressive, stainless steel oven can cook food in 5 different ways and its elegant design and appearance make it both pleasing to the eye and the centre piece of any garden party.

Its compact size and carry handles make it easy to transport to your favourite outdoor destination; whether that is a camping site, the countryside or a beach.

Inside the oven, stainless steel removable shelves can be placed for varying cooking heights and therefore heats and hanging hooks are available for smoking fish or joints of ham. The fire drawer, with air vents, can contain briquette charcoal, wood dust or wood chips depending on the style of cooking you are using which could be smoking, roasting or slow cooking.

The company behind the product, Alfresco Ovens, is a family run business and have spent a number of years perfecting the design and functionality of the oven to ensure it’s easy to use, maintain, and transport while delivering the perfect smokey flavour for your favourite meat, fish, poultry, ham or even vegetables.

Some additional features include:

• Outdoor cooking all year
• Hand built
• Made in Britain
• Weatherproof
• Long term warranty
• Fast nationwide delivery
• Fully assembled
• Easy to use

Alfresco Ovens now have the Appleberry Oven for sale on their website along with a range of cooking utensils and food smoking products. Flavoured wood chips and wood dust are also available in various sized containers. Orders can be placed and paid for securely on line.

With summer approaching what better way to enjoy the outdoors than with an Outdoor Oven.

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Alfresco Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens

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