LowVig Offers Poker Players The Chance To Make Money Back Lost On Black Friday

Strong showing predicted thanks to attractive rakeback model that offers every poker player better value at the tables

Online PR News – 13-April-2012 – Panama, City – Panama City, Panama – As the 1-year anniversary off the infamous shutdown of the top three online poker site approaches this Sunday, poker players have a chance to get some of their lost money back. While Black Friday saw poker players in the US lose their bankroll, reduced-commission poker site LowVig is actually putting real money back in the pockets of poker players.

“It was a dark day in online poker, but we’re excited to be a big part of the bright light at the end of the tunnel,” stated LowVig spokesperson. “With LowVig, poker players get money back every day—a far cry from what happened a year ago. While we can’t replace the money unrightfully taken by the other guys, we can help players keep more cash in their pocket and ultimately build a bigger bankroll.”

LowVig offers players up to 25% of the rake they generate back into their pockets. Rake is collected and paid back at LowVig’s cash tables, and the amount of rakeback a player is eligible to earn at LowVig’s online poker tables depends on how much rake they generate in a day.

Players who generate $400.01 or more per day in rake will receive 25% back. Those generating between $0 and $20 will earn 5% rakeback. The more money a player generates between $20 and $400.01 each day, the higher their rakeback percentage will be.

The daily rakeback is a welcome change for online poker players who feel that they were ripped off by the now defunct UltimateBet and Full Tilt Poker, two online poker sites that closed their doors and left players hanging.

LowVig launched in 2011, promising poker players and sports bettors much better value. The “vig” in LowVig refers to the “vigorish,” or “juice” or “commission,” that a poker site, sportsbook, or casino has on a game. While most sportsbooks offer lines at -110 juice (lay $110 to win $100), LowVig offers theirs as low as -105 (lay $105 to win $100).

The sportsbook is well known for its Simply Better Value tagline. With the poker world set to mark online poker’s darkest hour, the better value theme has never hit home harder.

About LowVig
LowVig launched in 2011, with a ‘Simply Better Value’ guarantee which is expressed through reduced juice sports betting, horse rebates, poker rakeback and casino rebates; all day and every day. The ‘Simply Better Value’ guarantee is made possible because LowVig doesn’t spend large amounts on advertising campaigns, affiliate deals, or promotions. Instead, all of the value is passed on to the Individual Bettor; ensuring significant word of mouth advertising.

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