NOIRE Announces Best Practice Online Payments Turnkey Service

NOIRE announces a full turnkey online payments and risk platform for online merchants to accept Visa and Master Card transaction from customers around the world

Online PR News – 21-April-2012 – London 12 March 2012 NOIRE – NOIRE, the leading provider of payment and risk management technologies announced today its turnkey deployment service offering.

With a turnkey deployment option, NOIRE Professional Services and Support teams manage the deployment of a complete solution, delivering best practice in a fast easy approach. Enabling businesses to transact online safely and get up and running quickly.

How credit card processing helps your business.

Providing credit card processing enables your customers to make fast, simple, and safe payments to you. Allowing you to reach customers anywhere in the world, credit card processing means you are able to do business with more people than ever before. This benefits you both; happy, satisfied customers, and increased sales for you!

Accept all forms of payment
Credit card processing enables your company to both accept and verify payments from all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Accept payment from anywhere in the world
Credit card processing and a merchant account enable you to accept payments from anywhere. Transactions can be processed online, at a retail site, or at a remote location with internet access, like a trade booth or kiosk.

Benefit from fraud and security protection
Encryption technology protects the processing of transactions. Some offer a VeriSign SSL Certificate and an Address Verification Service (AVS) to protect against the fraudulent use of a credit card.

About NOIRE: Provides leading payments and risk management technologies to enable businesses to transact online, safe, fast and easy. With a turnkey approach available, NOIRE solutions are changing the way transacting is done. Allowing companies to move faster increasing revenues and reducing risk and costs. To learn more about NOIRE visit

About NOIRE Payment Technology: Fast, simple and safe, we enable organisations to accept and process payments online in multiple currencies with confidence. Increasing revenues. To learn more about NOIRE Payments visit

About NOIRE eCrime Warning Services (NeWS): A consortium real time risk management solution. Available for small and large organisations to manage and control the risk of doing business online. The NeWS Universe is expanding every day. To learn more about NeWS visit

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