Co-Clean By Lab88 Advocates Blemish-Free Complexion And Healthy Hair

A Clogged Colon May Lead to Acne, Skin Eruptions, and Hair Loss, Suggests Research

Online PR News – 30-April-2012 – Long Island, NY – Extensive research has shown that improper colon functioning can lead to clogging that hampers the release of waste materials from the body. The toxic materials present in the waste matter then are released into the bloodstream leading to blemishes on the skin such as acne, and hair loss. Co-Clean, by Lab88, is a colon cleansing supplement that is designed to help support the functioning of the colon by aiding in the removal of toxins and thus helps to promote a blemish-free complexion, healthy hair, and strong nails.

Co-Clean is an effective colon detoxifying supplement that has been formulated with ingredients that are researched

Co-Clean is an effective colon detoxifying supplement that has been formulated with ingredients that are researched or known to promote weight loss; decreased constipation, and bloating; promote vitality and energy; and of course, support strengthening overall health of hair, nails and clear the complexion.

Co-Clean is made from a proprietary blend of ingredients like apple cider vinegar and grapefruit concentrate that have been known to help the body eliminate toxic matter and thus promote increased absorption of nutrients by the body. Additionally, apple cider vinegar is also known to promote increased concentration and energy levels. Co-Clean also contains Senna extract and oat fiber that promote and maintain normal bowel movements; Cascara Sagrada bark that is known to help reduce constipation and bloating; and Chitosan that has been shown to help decrease cholesterol levels and promote weight loss.

Co-Clean is to be taken strictly as a dietary supplement, one to two tablets a day along with eight ounces of water. Co-Clean can be bought at exclusive discounts from the website A bottle containing a one month supply costs $49.99, or purchase two bottles plus get one free for only $99.99. You may also order this product by calling 1-888-566-5642.

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