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S-Drive greatly simplifies the software distribution process both for the software companies and their customers on the platform. Cloud based software distribution provides a quick ROI and streamlined business processes while increasing customer satisfaction.

Online PR News – 04-May-2012 – McLean/VA – One of the critical decisions that software companies must make is how they will efficiently and securely distribute their software. Many companies still manually distribute their software, sending disks through the mail or distributing them through retailers. Once the disks arrive to the users, they can download the software on their computers. If a business is purchasing the software, the IT department will likely be entrusted with installing the software. This distribution method works but is time consuming.

S-Drive provides a secure customer portal where only authorized customers can download files including software

Alternatively, companies may decide to utilize Electronic Software Delivery, which is delivering the software in digital form. Electronic software delivery is usually much cheaper than physical distribution and is being encouraged by Microsoft and environmental agencies due to the high volume of carbon emissions associated with the production and shipping of CDs and DVDs. Therefore, companies who use electronic software delivery are more environmentally friendly.

Using electronic software distribution benefits software companies by

Minimizing human error
Making software accessible to customers anytime and anywhere
Reducing inventory
Eliminating packaging, shipping, and handling costs
Promoting an environmentally friendly image
Speeding up the purchasing software process
Increasing customer satisfaction

Most companies who use electronic software delivery simply make the software downloadable from their websites. This method works well but involves dealing with software security concerns, payment issues and problems with high-volume traffic. Even with all of its benefits, without a good medium, electronic software delivery can be a huge headache for software companies, requiring hours and hours of IT professional support. It can also be frustrating for customers experiencing delays.

S-Drive greatly simplifies the software distribution process both for the software companies and for their users. S-Drive on combines Amazon.comís secure cloud storage service with the customer support features of to offer a user-friendly software distribution platform. Because S-Drive takes advantage of Amazonís cloud storage system, it is not affected by huge download volumes. It takes advantage of Amazonís security features that safeguard files from being lost and accessed by unauthorized users. In addition, it provides unlimited storage for files of any size and type. offers valuable reliable customer support features including but not limited to the following:

Customer portals for customer case management
Knowledge Center
Entitlement Management
Call Center Support
Fully customizable system
Scalable, secure and reliable solutions

S-Drive combines all these features with some of its own. S-Drive provides a secure customer portal where only authorized customers can download files including software. Authorized customers can download the software from a customer portal anytime though an easy self-service process. S-Drive combines automation and workflows to greatly simplify the purchasing process.

Software companies that use S-Drive on to distribute their software can expect the following benefits in addition to those already mentioned:

Faster revenue recognition
Elimination of FTP servers, backups, password maintenance
Stronger company brand
Depending on the state, possible elimination of customer's sales tax requirement on digitally delivered goods

Interested companies can watch demos and take a free test drive for both and S-Drive by visiting their websites: and

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